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WWE Fastlane 2017: Goldberg vs.Owens – Live this Sunday

On The Road to WrestleMania, Goldberg challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at WWE Fastlane, this Sunday at 8 ET/5 PT, live on WWE Network.
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44 thoughts on “WWE Fastlane 2017: Goldberg vs.Owens – Live this Sunday

    1. Xpr3ss. Sadly, they will. Goldberg won’t accept prolonging his contract if it’s not because of he is promised Universal title. But, I hope I’m wrong

    1. That is just beyond stupid. so what why not bring back Bruno Sammartino for one last title reign? he is 81 but hey he is a legend and we should make legends happy instead of making future legend.

  1. Was being booked like a paper champion for 6 months. finally booked strong and now he has to job to a parttimer.

    1. CopyRights can suck it That’s why recently Raw needs Oldberg, HBK, Undertaker and special guests

  2. That old grandpa better not beat Owens, this company can’t build talent anyways, Oldberg’s only making it worse

    1. yea iknow because if it continue it will be hard to see Roman vs any wwe Superstar in WrestleMania 😐

  3. we all know who is going to win right Goldberg probably he is going to win after beating Brock Lesnar

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