home WWE WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on the return of Great Khali and his win: WWE Talking Smack, July 23, 2017

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on the return of Great Khali and his win: WWE Talking Smack, July 23, 2017

Jinder Mahal describes what it was like to represent India in a brutal Punjabi Prison Match against Randy Orton at WWE Battleground, as well as the surprise return of The Great Khali.
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83 thoughts on “WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on the return of Great Khali and his win: WWE Talking Smack, July 23, 2017

    1. Jonathan 6 X weekly. But still after the ppv. If they did they that wouldn’t be fair they cancel talking smack and not raw talk when talking smack was created first

  1. Don’t you just hate it when you’re early, because there are no good comment to read. 😞

  2. This PPV wasn’t OMG amazing like how SD PPV’s should be… But at least it was okay for my liking.

    1. Apart from garbage booking like styles losing again and Sami winning against Bennet everything was good .
      Wwe buried Bennet and styles.

    2. +Gamingdragon Styles and Bennett arent buried. Learn what burying is. But I agree, I liked most of the matches on the ppv and the ppv was really good

  3. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that The Great Khali was once a Punjabi Playboy

    1. The Real American u called yourself real american??? Oh thats why your thinking is like racist….😁

    2. The Real American what a pest you are . why you Americans always thinks about racisting .

    3. +seth freakin rollins I’ll answer that when you answer why you’re so obsessed with seth rollins that you carry his name and image. Oh I’ll answer for you, you’re a 12 year old loser who has no other defining traits.

    1. Yourmama Man it may be getting boring but thats jinder. Hes always has backup but that just his character. Hes a heel

    2. The Great One Wait a minute Jerry lawler has match coming up in a small show Against A former wwe star for A WORLD TITLE from anither big promotion i though wwe does not allowed there employees to compete for other’s

    3. I think Orton has been a bit stale for a while but at least he steps it up in a big match environment and the guy ca deliver, Jinder is just awful, I have never enjoyed a single bout that guy has had and his character consists of the same charisma void weekly “you don’t like me because of where I am from etc” , Jinder has never been anything above enhancement talent level. The experiment has failed , time to move on.

  4. Great Khali looking like that uncle that’s always asking to borrow a couple dollars

    1. Lol most likely to spend it on a McDonald’s Chicken Maharaja because… well just look at him he a little tubby

  5. I like how he says family sticks together unlike us Americans that always fight when he betrayed the great khali a couple years ago (like if u remember)

    1. In storyline Jinder turned in Khali for not being mean and vindictive enough. He can now shake bamboo and choke a viper. Good thing Natalya wasn’t out there dancing and farting with Hornswoggle.

    1. Oh. I thought he was angry because that was the time Khali used to do kisscams with fans so Jinder didn’t want Khali making a fool of himself and making his family look bad. That would make sense as to why Jinder initially came out on his debut appearance.

  6. Jinder speaks the truth and nothing but the truth BOW to the maharaja !!!! Long live Mahal!!!!

    1. Dhruv Saha yeah the sky is blue and the grass is green these are things that are obvious and don’t need pointed out because people already know

  7. I’ll say it again, the ONLY reason why Khali is back, is to improve the Indian market for the WWE network. over 2(maybe 3) Million ppl watch the WWE in India. Pro-wrestling is HUGE there. WWE tried their very best to “Push” Jinder in hopes to improve on the Indian market However, the ppl of India were smart and damn well know that Jinder is CANADIAN. so who better to improve the market than to bring back someone who is a HUGE Star there?

    1. Joelthe21 “The ppl of India were smart and damn well know that Jinder is CANADIAN” Yeah he knows it

    2. logan kerr Aren’t you smart. We all know this, or at least most of us. You’re saying it as if you’re a genius and only you figured this out.

    3. logan kerr Also, it could be the fact The Great Khali has students who are attending WWE tryouts and they are using that to introduce them to the WWE/NXT universe for commentary or background build up since some fans of today don’t know Khali was even with the company

  8. You know the drill
    1.Randy Orton
    2.Great Khali
    3.Jinder Mahal
    4.Shinssuke nakumara
    5.Aj styles
    6.Kevin Owens
    7.Baron Corbin
    8.Sami Zayn
    0. Tye Dillinger

  9. jinder mahal is pretty much seth rollins 2 years ago. khali is kane, singh brothers is j & j security. so there you have jinder mahal is indian seth rollins

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