home WWE WWE Champion Jinder Mahal confronts the new Mr. Money in the Bank: WWE Talking Smack, June 18, 2017

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal confronts the new Mr. Money in the Bank: WWE Talking Smack, June 18, 2017

On WWE Talking Smack, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal opines on Baron Corbin before confronting the new Mr. Money in the Bank face to face. Courtesy of WWE Network.


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92 thoughts on “WWE Champion Jinder Mahal confronts the new Mr. Money in the Bank: WWE Talking Smack, June 18, 2017

    1. Duse Juan Gaming Dont let distract you from the fact that Pakistan defeat india in final of champions trophy!!

  1. I don’t remember booker t being on smackdown live. We need Daniel Bryan back on talking smack right now or this show is dead.

    1. AC11Milan Jinder Mahal is the world champion of the brand………stop going by what they did in October all the time and look at the present. Smackdown is the worst of the 3 brands right now.

    1. Gibby OG he may be Canadian but still an Indian origin. say hi to your orange trumpfuckinhole from my side.

    2. Gibby OG so what I don’t get it he is a Canadian citizen but he’s origin and ethnicity is Indian lol WTF are y’all on about just cause he wasn’t born in India doesn’t mean he’s not Indian and we’re not even sure of that

  2. I swear Mahal seems to be getting a lot better on promos and stuff. I enjoy watching him on Talking Smack

    1. Thats why smackdown is better than RAW. Giving Mahal this shot made him work harder to improve himself.

  3. I like this promo from Jinder Mahal. I was not one of those dumbasses who just bought into anything new and automatically liked Jinder. But this promo has me keeping an eye on his career

    1. Back in the days of Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling, his uncle the Great Gama was pretty believeable on the mic. He helped train him, so it’s likely he taught him some of those skills as well.

    2. Hype is all a good heel needs. A heel champion is dependent on cheap shots and getting away with the title, not focusing on in-ring skill. This guy generates genuine heat, which hasn’t been seen from a champion in a long time.

    3. I can’t believe how much lower WWE wants our standards to be
      And the sad thing is that people are actually doing it
      They’re actively lowering their standards till they don’t even mean anything anymore..

    1. lamonte haven last time I checked I can respect anyone I want whenever I want. I respected the shield even tho they help each other win matches sometimes

    1. remember the miz? he used to bored me and all we universe ,then as time given to him the opportunity, he become the must see wwe superstar.

      give corbin a chance, he’s still new and you want him to be good on mic just like that?

    1. Zoe I know. I’m very happy that Shinsuke didn’t win the match. I just can’t stand guys who are automatically against wrestlers who got over in other companies, aka “Anti Indy” fans

    2. +To Dare is to Do #THFC #COYS I’m more of a “Are they good at what they do” type of girl.

    3. Google+ sucks! you’re either Roman’s fan or sucking on every other face at the moment.

  4. Mark my Words….

    Cena Returns beats Jinder for the World Title then gets hit with an End Of Days and Baron Cashes in his Contract and becomes champion….

    1. So, Cena will break Flair’s record, only for him to lose it in a matter of seconds?

      Not a chance, i’m afriad.

    2. Don’t think so because there going to india in september and they want Jinder as champ

  5. Cena will return and ask for his championship match,Mahal vs Cena,Cena wins,Baron cashes in and the feud between Cena and Corbin starts. My best guess

    1. Blinks I don’t think that will happen because the rumor is that Jinder won’t be dropping the belt until September. The reason he won’t drop it until then is because an Indian tour will happen around that time, and it would kind of be pointless for the WWE if Jinder isn’t champion for that tour.

    2. Smackers YouTube 2.0 Cena will face roman and jinder
      He will lose to Roman and win against jinder

  6. “Hard work is a crutch for people with no talent.”

    Wow! Corbin just killed Jinder’s whole promo!

    1. There´s more value in a talentless person who has will and discipline to reach is goals than one that is naturally gifted

    2. and Baron corbin is talented ? stop kissing his a**, he is terrible on the mic and doesn’t have any charisma or the look

    3. Sophie Matthews yea because Jinder is WWE champ while Corbin has never won a title in his career.

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