home WWE Will Seth Rollins return in time for WrestleMania? Not if Triple H has a say: Raw Feb. 27, 2017

Will Seth Rollins return in time for WrestleMania? Not if Triple H has a say: Raw Feb. 27, 2017

The Architect speaks on Raw for the first time since suffering an MCL injury at the hands of Samoa Joe, and ponders whether he'll be part of this year's WrestleMania.


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103 thoughts on “Will Seth Rollins return in time for WrestleMania? Not if Triple H has a say: Raw Feb. 27, 2017

    1. TylerTheInventor “disrespectful” huh?? is it disrespectful when anyone doesn’t get the reaction WWE wanted?

    2. All Pacino Didn’t win an Academy for his 1974 performance in Godfather Part 2. Does that make him any less legend? Packers Rule dude. Go! You Packers Go!

    1. They should’ve saved this segment for Chicago next week. They would’ve popped for Seth. And even though Punk is from Chicago, they never seem to chant it at the deserving superstars like Seth.

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  1. Smackdown: ▄▄[███████░░░░░░
    who agrees with me?

    1. Why is it always One show vs Another show?Both shows are Wrestling there is no “better show” none of the shows Suck. So while you all are going Team Raw vs Team Smackdown internet style I’ll be The One On Team Raw And Team Smackdown Because I don’t like competition.

    2. +Panic! at the twenty øne crybabies it’s one vs another Bc that’s how they promote it… remember the whole brand split and how they wanna beat each other in ratings… it’s the story line and yes SmackDown is better than raw currently

    3. Kyle Mattox Ok well it’s your opinion not saying that in a rude way of course.


    1. +》 Diamond btw theres so many gay comments about wwe superstars. Dont act like you dont see one.

    1. Boii Srry MR Uncle but we don’t want to See Roman vs Taker when when earliar plan was Roman vs Cena. Moreover It is predicted that Roman will beat taker at mania and it should not happen at any cost. And it’s embarassing to think that old dudes like you think roman reigns can give a great match with undeetaker. Taker already needs hip replacement. Didn’t you see how he wrestled at rumble. A guy like roman would never be able to make it a good match. So pls shut up. You’re a Stupid Idiot.

    2. Consistency -_- Hope it doesn’t ever happen. Taker already is on crutches and a match with roman would be a disaster.

    3. 1 Survivor Roman has headlined 2 manias since then and his character is a bland as daylight and his wrestling skills are also mediocre. It’s how he’s booked is bad. He needs a heel turn but he must not get a victory or taker at mania. No one except some dicks want that.

    1. Guy has Mr.Bean profile picture.

      I dont think a guy with that description should be qualified to say if something is good.

    1. Red Game AJ styles is phenomenal yeah but what happened at Royal Rumble John Cena beat AJ styles for WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and became the new WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT champion and that was John Cena’s 16th time winning that title lol 😅

  2. the crowd hurt this a lot, if they held this off one more week for that Chicago crowd they would’ve been white hot for this segment but as it was it was just okay.

  3. WWE might not realize this but triple h v.s Seth rollins at WrestleMania 33 is a money making match and a good one to

    1. AdY aditya it was x PAC scott hall and somebody els. then it was Shawn and triple h all them together then it was just hhh and hbk

    2. Jahzir Everson yea, you’re talking about “The Kliq”.
      Wasn’t it just a backstage group? They weren’t really officially a stable on-screen. DX was a official stable, so not considering both the same thing.

    3. So WWE doesn’t know that the match they’ve built up for six months with two of their top guys isn’t going to be a money making match?

    1. STD Oish except that when he was in the spotlight, he took part in some of the greatest rivalries of the generation. So your point is irrelevant. Suck on vince’s jockstrap and take a nap

    2. Oh but when Roman and Cena hog it it’s good for bussness right?? I’ll have Lex Luthor say it WRONG!!!!

  4. The crowd was so extremely rude during this promo with the idiotic “CM Punk” chants. This segment was great and the crowd just trashed it for no good reason.

    1. Juju Ortiz

      It’ll still suck with him there, y’all act like he’s some saviour, no, he’s just like every other wrestler, his move set has gotten old too, liked him much better when in 2014!

    1. Daniel Maxwell None of the shows Suck only a *Real* Wrestling Fan Will Know that because a wrestling Fan should Be a Fan of Both Shows Not Just Saying One Show suck and another show is better.

    2. Crillix yeah and who smack have James Ellsworth and Dolph ziggler .or the miz oh wow what a good roster

  5. he is faking injury and will face triple h at wrestlemania and win think about it if he was hurt he would not be given promos

    1. Donut Hole he’s hurt but he’ll recover just barely in time for wrestlemania. But it’s up to the doctors if he can wrestle or not.

    2. Undisputed Exclusive yes and no remember Vince wants everyone to be in kayfabe recent pics of Seth was in a concert with no brace no crutch so he’s fine

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