home NFL Which Team Will Make the Biggest Leap in 2017? | Inside Minicamp | NFL Network

Which Team Will Make the Biggest Leap in 2017? | Inside Minicamp | NFL Network

Which team will make the biggest improvement in the 2017 Season?

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56 thoughts on “Which Team Will Make the Biggest Leap in 2017? | Inside Minicamp | NFL Network

    1. Nah, Carson Palmer is past his prime and is getting worse every year due to age. And Larry Fitsgerald, a fantastic player and age hasn’t effected him like Palmer, but he is up there in age as well. Only upside to the Cards are the defense but even they struggled last year. If tyrann mathieu can stay healthy and Pat Pete balls like he does every year then maybe they can be better on defense. Saying they will have the biggest leap while there are lots of great young and upcoming teams like the eagles, titans and jags.

    2. Late in the season didn’t really matter though, they were out of playoff contention at around 3/4 of the end of the Reg season, so playing good late doesn’t mean anything if you don’t win early. Carson is a good QB but his picks really hurt the team.

    3. Tommytk4 what I meant by saying he played well late is he will carry that on into next season

    4. I think the Seahawks finally miss the playoffs. Reddick was one of my favorite players in the draft. I remember calling Aaron Donald a top five pick and the Rams took him at #13 and PFF has him as the best player in the NFL. COINCIDENCE??? I’m not psychic, I notice things. Don’t ever tell me I’m wrong and don’t tell me how I value players in the draft or what players I want the Ravens to draft. Zack Martin was my top OL and I knew he would probably be the 4th OL off the board. Cowboys drafted him at #16 and the Ravens drafted CJ Mosley. He gave Donald a run for his money for DROY. And this year the Ravens drafted Humphrey at #17. COINCIDENCE??? I’M NOT PSYCHIC, I NOTICE THINGS. I called Landon Collins a top five pick and he fell to the 2nd round. I wanted the Ravens to draft him but they drafted Perriman. Perriman will show why Ozzie is one of the best in the business

    1. Tommy Cravens they went 9-7 they will probably just win 1 or 2 more games and make the playoffs

    2. Got to love the Corey Davis pick. I think the Titans offense will be explosive to go with their run game. And their secondary is improved and their run defense wasn’t too shabby.

    1. Sidney Jones IV #LockCB#AO1#IWatchEDP445#22Hunnit but the eagles never fly like they got those wings cut off

    2. Sidne Jones IV #LockCB #AO1 #IWatchEDP445#22Hunnit The fact an account was already made for someone who hasn’t played a snap is cringe

  1. Cards. If there’s one team I wanna see win a super bowl besides my pats it would be the cards

    1. Alex Joe I mean I know as a fan you always want to win a Super Bowl but aren’t you guys happy with 2 in the past 3 years lol.

    1. +Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs are you dumb we have a mutch better team then last year. Wentz will be an amazing qb

    2. +SabreTooth77 Lmao no he won’t. Throwing 14 interceptions isn’t your receivers help, and you still have no runningback and no corners. At best 8-8, because Wentz isn’t a good quarterback.

    3. Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs last year our recivers would not get open now we have two upgraded recivers. Btw we do have a running back lagarete blunt and a good rookie. we have ok corners compared to last year. Can’t say anything about this team till the season arrives.

    4. +SabreTooth77 there are better teams, and Blount is a goal line runningback.

  2. I just feel like the Chargers are becoming what the Jaguars were for the past couple years.

    1. Titans will be better but not a whole lot. They will only need a little more to be successful though. So as far as successfulness the Titans are on top, but as far as a big leap in performance I say Eagles. I wondered why the Buc weren’t on this list. They might make the playoffs this year.

  3. Tampa Bay!!!!!! I say one more year and Jameis will be hoisting the Lombardi

  4. *what you guys smoking*
    *biggest leap is the Cleveland Browns. they will win 2 games.*

    1. Thank goodness. I have to wear a browns jersey in public if they get 5 wins in one season (bet ends 2020)

    2. I actually think they can probably win 5-6 games. The Jets will be the worst team and lucky to win 1-2 games and win the QB lottery. I think the 49ers might be better than expected. And the Rams and Bears will pick in the top five. And if the Jaguars pick in the top five, Bortles will be out of a job. Rams GM Les Snead should be fired. After giving up all that for Goff and some lousy drafting. They ended up with 8 picks after the RG3 trade and have almost nothing to show for it.

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