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When referees fight back – WWE Top 10

While expected to remain impartial once the bell rings, WWE referees occasionally fight back when facing a hostile situation. Here are the 10 most convincing examples of why no Superstar should mess with the zebras in the WWE Universe.
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59 thoughts on “When referees fight back – WWE Top 10

  1. If only the referees could fight back the people making them look stupid by making em officiate stupid rules

  2. Don’t be distracted from the fact that James Ellsworth is Miss Money InThe Bank

    1. The phenomenal for me result is ok, but the ending is bad. They way Boring Corbin get the money case was bored. They should let aj and nakamura fight more until they both tired

    1. Aj styles I know that but I just like how he is everyone knew that he was gonna win the championship at Backlash cause they gave him the win when he had just came back I know what you mean, I’m waiting for Sami Zayn’s Push and I know that he just got a random push cause of Vince but I like him and how much of a heat magnet he is

    1. TheNewshéaster 08 no he’s not, he’s boring, uncarasmatic, terrible on the mic & incredibly overrated!

    2. NerdKiller Momkiller
      Even though you said my mom is gay, but what you said is sadly true… -_-

    1. Snake Eyes blame creative team for that and now you will say “then why do you hate roman” balor and sami are not pushed like roman down are throat so stop hating they are one of the few faces left in sea of heels.

    2. Snake Eyes they have great characters you know I don’t know why I’m arguing you kinda have the rights to not like them I just gave dune reasons why there Good final decision you have every right to unlike them

    3. DimondEnderman 1987 I have no problem with anybody liking those guys, I’m just stating my personal opinion & all these people come attacking me just because I dont like their favourite wrestler, it’s rather sad & pathetic that people get offended just because I have a different opinion to them.

    1. No I’m not. @GTX 860m Gaming I am a straight 14 year old who is more mature than some of you who say things like that.

    1. I want that to happen, but until he says something, I’m just gonna interpret it as WWE doing the equivalent of standing outside Punk’s apartment in the rain, holding a jukebox playing Cult of Personality by Living Colour over its head.

  3. Wtf? The WWE Never uploade videos with CM PUNK like the “best cash ins” but now a video where he gets hit… Maybe everybody Unterstands now why THE BEST IN THE WORLD left WWE

    1. Mr2awesome I don’t remember which game was it but I think it was Smackdown Here Comes The Pain if you’re targeted the ref, they will automatic counter you.

    2. Sometimes in the 2K games they glitch out and fight back, Ive had the ref give me an elbow drop before 😂

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