81 thoughts on “UFC 212: Inside the Octagon – Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway

    1. Jonny Bones – P4P King Of MMA He’s the greatest snorter of all time… JONNY COKE NOSE

  1. I can’t wait for the fight between the guy Conor McGregor flatlined in 13 seconds vs. the guy Conor McGregor dominated on one leg.

    1. yes they are annoying but doesnt mean conor isnt an incredible fighter. same with warrior fans or brady fans or whatever

    2. ill tell you this the first time i saw mcgregor fight i told everyone that would listen this dudes gonna make a name for him self at the same time ive watched the ufc go wwe so it is what it is we all got a voice now from the social media deal with it i do dislike mcgregor for one reason fluke of not aldo is one of the building blocks for mma and to not show respect where its do is sad but you have the fight selling aswell so ford chevy pats atlanta tomato tamato whatever

    3. crazydunker92 thanks for this comment. Now along with you, we just have to track down all the invalids that liked it, and identify them as the cancer of the mma fan base.

  2. i will win this time you know because this is my time you know the world will see you know – max “you know ” Holloway #jose waldo #you know #hawaii

  3. Aldo vs Mcgregor 2 would be like the fucking apocalypse. MAKE IT HAPPEN DANA oh no I forgot UFC is WWE now.

    1. Silent Lee This is what I mean. 13 second ko is great and all, but lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. I like both fighters and would love to see them tear each other’s limbs off, the fight that was promised back at UFC 194 before aldo went night night. I believe he can still do it, he’ll prove so anyway on Saturday. I think it could be fight of the year.

    2. Liam Sutherland He’s literally only 2 inches taller. Max Holloway is 4 inches taller than Aldo, so if we’re only going by height here, Saturday will show us.

  4. Why do people try to discredit Conor’s win vs Max like he had some *HUGE* experience advantage?
    -Conor is only 3 years older than Max
    -Conor made his pro debut (2008) only 2 years before Max (2010)
    -Conor started training grappling seriously the same time as Max (2010) and dominated on the ground
    -Max has been in the UFC longer than Conor
    And haters try to discredit Conor like it was a 30 year old vs a kid who never trained

    1. his experience over max shouldnt discredit the win, but make you think of what would happen now, because he did have a lot more experience. conors first mma fight was in 2007, max’s first fight was in 2010. both of those were there amateur debuts. conor was a purple belt max was a white belt. now max is a purple and conor brown.

    2. Element Max recently lost to Bermudez around the Conor fight. He also “lost” to Leonard Garcia… Max has simply grown leaps and bounds since he was 21 years old. Conor had TWICE as many fights as max, who only had 9 pro fights at the time… 21 years old and 24 is a HUUUGE difference.

    3. Spills51 The Male body usually stops “growing” around 25. Females are earlier like 21….facts

  5. Max Holloway: the only man to ever get taken to the ground and kept there by McGregor.

    1. mcgregor shrugged his shoulders.. is that all youve got and then KOd him. thats facts he was never in trouble

    2. Joseph Morales Holloway & Mcgregor both fought with injuries during that fight.

    3. Uh Mcgregor did it to Dennis Siver to bud. Have you watched any fights or do you just go by what other people say?.

  6. 13
    Can i get a bunch of autistic mcgregor fans to like this comment ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. *An insult. In a sentence where you called other people uneducated fucktards lol.

    2. but it is….. autism is a serious neurodevelopmental disorder… it should not be a thing to joke about so easily and used so casually especially someone who clearly has no clue of what it is.. btw i work in this area

  7. I think aldo was winning the fight until mcgregor caught him with a lucky punch.he was def ahead on points in my opinion๐Ÿ‘€

    1. Chris Cross The fight with Alvarez lasted what, 30secs…Alvarez was ahead on my scorecard too, until he blocked one too many punches with his head :

    1. Andrew Garcia “True fighter?” Conor is focused on making as much money as he can, hes said that many times. He doesnt have time for a dude he predicted and destroyed in a split second tryna make petty money compared to mayweather. Just strip his belt cause he wont defend it, doesnt change the fact that he obliterated aldo.

  8. *Damn look at that intensity of jose Aldo’s eyes **0:52** ! straight up killer , Holloway will be finished*

    1. Colin Stynes …Aldo.may win, but it will.be a decision. As good as Aldo is, his last finish was a fluke injury in the TKZ fight. He is actually not much if a finisher, at least not since his WEC days. Plus, Max is about as tough as they come. Honestly, if someone told me that the fight was decided by some kind of finnish, I would say Max is much more likely to wear Aldo down in the 4th or 5th than Aldo stop Max….but I’d say most likely it will be a close decision, no finnish either way.

  9. Sad that so many people only know Aldo for his fight with Mcgregor rather than his years of dominance as the featherweight champ. This should be a great fight.

    1. B Mc I never heard of Jose aldo til probably his fight against Connor. I stopped following UFC 2004-2011. And had no idea who da fk most of these today fighters are.

    1. FLoWER POWER Many real fans do, but the running Conor will not return because he knows that Aldo will not fight emotionally next time.

    2. FLoWER POWER , I wanna watch that too …but it’s unlikely to happen. And if at all there was a chance, Aldo would have to move up to lightweight. Can’t see Conor making it down to featherweight again. It’s actually amazing, he was able to fight at featherweight.

    1. hahahaahah thanks. reminds me of baldwin and Wahlberg in the Departed but with different accents and they were insulting each others mothers

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