home UFC & MMA Tyron Woodley will take on Demian Maia in UFC 214 | UFC TONIGHT

Tyron Woodley will take on Demian Maia in UFC 214 | UFC TONIGHT

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Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia will fight in UFC 214.

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70 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley will take on Demian Maia in UFC 214 | UFC TONIGHT

    1. Conscious Trainer Mia was having trouble taking down Masvidal .. he’s for sure not taking down woodley

  1. demians gonna be shooting for his loooife in dere! but its a loooooong 25 minutes and tyron can hit you from ANYWHERE!

    1. MW X you May have right about Tyrons jiu jitsu, But Maia has to take him there first, i dont see that happening. Tyron has really good takedown defence and good wrestling. And dont forget the right hand. Its a hard matchup for Maia Im afraid.

    2. If Tyron’s still conscious when he hits the mat, I will crush his hips and pass his guard and mount him and strangle him. I’ll strangle him like a boa constrictor.

    1. H P Money yells but I’m rooting for Maia. If he wins, reward will be that vacation!

    1. well if woodley defeats maia and gsp he wil be one of the best in the history of division and real superstar.

    1. well, hes been wanting big money fights, actually screaming and begging for big money fight but he cant get one so he has no choice but to fight the contenders lol.

  2. “I black out before I tap out” -Tyron “you’re racist if you don’t respect me” Woodley

    1. Mac “I can’t stop denying the existence of racism while hating on a black man” Benitez

  3. Let’s get it Twood, and Jon Jones on the same card. Both of them coming out with the W

    1. Jack Holmes Yup. You got me maybe I should root for D.C…. wait I would still be racist. I guess I can’t root for anyone in that fight.

      Let’s go Demian Maia! Not a fan but I have to root for him or else I’m racist.

  4. he said “im not giving up the belt easy”…..which still implies he will be giving it up #andNEW

    1. Jeff Harris I dond think there id an money fight for him expect for gsp or conor qnd both of them are not fighting right now, maia is basically the only available oppenent that dana would give him

    2. Jeff Harris his champion… He gets ppv points… He BEGGED to be on the DC Jones card… This is a money event for him, forcing Damien to have a 4 week camp

    3. flatlinerking lol you ppl are never satisfied. If he didn’t fight him u would cry about ducking. Now he is and it’s maia only has 4 weeks because Woodley begged the ufc to be on this card. How about given the fact UFC don’t trust Jones or cyborg they are staking this card so there is at least one title fight

  5. So you just “ain’t givin’ it up easily”, but you’re still giving it up lol

    1. Diego Thomas Thanks bro.

      We all know that Tyron is going to lose. It’s a given. He will have the human backpack on him for 5 rounds. Anyone, and I emphasize anyone, who thinks that this will not be the case must be delusional.

      People have been doubting Maya for I can’t remember how long. And yet he recently completely dismantled world class fighters like Condit, Brown, and Masvidal (who I truly think is a much better fighter than Tyron).

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