home NFL Top 5 MVP Sleepers Heading into the 2017 Season | Total Access | NFL

Top 5 MVP Sleepers Heading into the 2017 Season | Total Access | NFL

Elliot Harrison joins Total Access and gives five players under the radar who could put together an MVP season in 2017.

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77 thoughts on “Top 5 MVP Sleepers Heading into the 2017 Season | Total Access | NFL

    1. dankdiv boy they had the 22nd ranked defense but they still had a top 5 scoring defense GTFOH

    2. dankdiv tbh it is overused but now that I think about it, I still think Manning is the goat because Brady should only have 3 rings because of the deflate gate and tuck rule seasons. And Peyton had 2 with different teams. Just a lil rant

    3. dankdiv you are so dumb πŸ˜‚ pats had a better d then us for a very long time idiot

    4. Breezy Brees Thank you man, I’m glad I’m not the only one! people stay sleepin on brees even with his crazy stats that are OP but great

    5. Breezy Brees brees may put good stats but your defense is trash and you wont make playoffs cause of that

    1. Domingo Rasse because defensive players never win it. Clowney isn’t even close to the best defensive player in the league anyway. If Khalil Mack, Von Miller, and JJ Watt aren’t getting it, than Clowney is definitely not getting it.

    2. The dude has 10.5 sacks in his career. If JJ didn’t get the MVP, there is no way clowney gets it without beating strahan’s record.

    3. Man im so sick of everyone saying clowney is a good its a joke how he got into the pro bowl or even the 2nd team all pro. Hes the most overrated player in the NFL. How you making the pro bowl with 6 sacks. Players like Bosa, Olivier Vernon and even JPP put up more tackles sacks and both Bosa and JPP played less games.

  1. im tired of QB’s always winning MVP can we have a receiver or runningback?!!?!

    1. Mike Tomlin#6ringz#theredatnigga #steelersnation
      ok your not Mike Tomlin because he doesn’t curse.
      He didn’t win 6 rings,he won 2, oh 1 ring.
      And steelersnation, where’s the Grammar.
      I hate when people put Real NFL player on there username so they believe it’s really them.

    1. He’s elite but no way he’s winning an mvp with that lineup y’all tripping. No Runningback, terrible Oline, mediocre receivers and a decaying defense

    1. OBleness MVP is a stupid award because people take the word ‘valuable’ too seriously. The award doesnt consider talent or even acheivement but focus on value. Thats why QBs always get the award.

    2. OBleness way way way way way way way way way more dynamic and quicker and faster then Rice was which gives him a chance…but it won’t happen he is a wr lol

    1. Jackson Kelly you ain’t winning with they way my bucs roster rly got stacked you not winning division this year

  2. Matt Ryan didn’t just become elite last year. look up his numbers. he’s been top 5 for a while

    1. +Steven Dixon okay bud you can believe that till your hearts content. The majority would agree with me though, sorry

    2. Beau Brady Id say 1. Brady 2. Rodgers 3. Brees 4. Luck 5. Ryan 6. Wilson 7. Big Ben 8. Cam 9. Rivers 10. Carr

    3. It isn’t like Matt Ryan came out nowhere..he was a very good qb for years, but he actually did go from very good to elite last year. His qb rating was consistently in the high 80’s and it jumped to 118 last year. He was a fringe top 10 qb up until last year. Qbs tend to peak in there early-mid 30’s.

  3. No. just no. Clowney isn’t a sleeper cause he isn’t gonna win it. Mack i’ll win it before he does. Either way ain’t no defensive player winning it,

    1. Derek isn’t a “sleeper”
      Sean Lee is not even close to being a top 3 linebacker in the league
      And Joe Thomas …. he’s on the Browns and they won’t be going anywhere next year

  4. If JJ Watt didnt win MVP, no defensive player will EVER win MVP.
    I dont see how any defensive player puts up the season he did that year and not win MVP

    1. i dont think its fair to say no defensive player will EVER win MVP, but it certainly doesnt happen as much as it should

      all in all the MVP is shaky in football because its most VALUABLE player, and its hard to carry a team when there are 11 players on a field that need to work together to win

    1. Preeng I’d rather have a QB like Rivers who goes out and does whatever he can to win games, even if it mean he throws INTs over a player like Tyrod Taylor or Alex Smith who’ll just dump the ball off.

      Rivers isn’t elite anymore (imo at this point in time there are only 2 elite QBs: the GOAT and A-Rod) but he’s certainly top 10.

    2. Preeng when u carry your team and your top receivers are named Williams, Inman, Geremey Davis, Griff Whalen, let’s see if any Qb can be good.

      Rivers did force throws cause he needed to, to at least try and win games. Also around 8 of his ints were due to WRs not catching the ball or running bad routes.

      Carr had one of the best Olines, very good wrs so of course he did good this yr. It’s no coincidence he has only done good when he has a top oline and good wrs .Here’s an L

  5. A lot of these guys I really wouldn’t call sleepers. I love the J. Clowney prediction though. I still believe that Clowney can breakout and become an elite pass rusher. The guy flashes greatness at times, but just can’t stay healthy or consistent enough.

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