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Top 10 Quarterback Prospects Since 2001 | Bucky Brooks | Move the Sticks | NFL

Former NFL Scout Bucky Brooks lists the Top 10 quarterbacks, since 2001, he has personally scouted entering the NFL. Check out the article here! –

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72 thoughts on “Top 10 Quarterback Prospects Since 2001 | Bucky Brooks | Move the Sticks | NFL

  1. Who was the QB wit the highest ceiling of alltime going into the draft?

    1. DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna luck and russel

    2. +RAG3 What? He didnt even start a full season in college

  2. So Bucky had Alex Smith rated higher than Rodgers on draft day but on this list Smith is behind Rodgers. Hmmmmm

    1. This list is total horseshit. Literally every scout and their mother had Jamarcus Russell as one of the highest graded prospects of all time if they are being honest. Dont forget Jamarcus was graded so highly he was taken over Megatron who was probably one of the biggest physical freaks we will ever see in the NFL.

    2. Hororscope &wht about rg3!!..? i guess if a dude dnt pan out he ddnt hav em rankd high,obvsly huh,all tha suddn..,RT!!

  3. Since 2009 IMO (I’m probably forgetting some tbh):
    1. Andrew Luck, Stanford (12)
    2-T. Jameis Winston, FSU (15)
    2-T. Marcus Mariota, Oregon (15)
    4. Cam Newton, Auburn (11)
    5. Matthew Stafford, UGA (09)
    6. Teddy Bridgewater, UL (14)
    7. RG3, Baylor (12)
    8. DeShone Kizer, UND (17)
    9. Deshaun Watson, Clemson (17)
    10. Dak Prescott, Miss. St. (16)

    For those who didn’t know Dak Prescott before his rookie season, he was a beast in college.

    1. Mediocre Mitch? Hell no. Definitely not clear cut. Not even close. His ceiling is a mediocre QB. Mahomes is raw as hell. Trubisky has an aight arm (Kizer has a hell of am arm), good short accuracy (1 thing Kizer doesn’t have), babies away from throws deeper that 10 yards (Kizer consistently is able to push throws downfield on time, accurately, and into tight coverage), bad pocket presence (Kizer can sense and escape pressure without dropping his eyes from WRs), okay mechanics, doesn’t make reads.

    2. I’m not just rolling with what the mainstream media was saying, that Trubisky was the consensus QB1. I actually sat down and watched all of the big QB draft names (Kizer, Watson, Mahomes, Kaaya, and Trubisky) and Trubisky looked like the worst of the bunch.

    3. Harun M. I watched some film of them as well, and I thought that Mitch was clearly the best. I couldn’t understand the media, and fans hatred of him. I thought Mitch was the safest bet. Mahomes had the highest “ceiling” if you will. Kizer is a bit of a project, but he could be good, and Watson just has bust written all over him.

    4. Harun M. Your comment about Trubisky having bad pocket presence is inaccurate as well. His pocket presence is one of his best attributes.

    5. +Adam Gardiner Watson is too inaccurate. I really like the guy, I just think he’ll end up being an average QB at best. I think he was overdrafted by a round and Kizer was underdrafted by a round. I still think Kizer has a slightly higher ceiling than Mahomes. Kizer’s mechanics are better as of now. Mahomes release isn’t consistent at all. His footwork is all over the place. Not as good of a decision-maker. Even the little things, like size and age, Kizer has him. They’re both projects, but they have superstar potential. Trubisky on the Bears, that isn’t a good situation.

    1. Greg da cool i love vick but he was inconsistent as hell as a passer wasn’t that good at all at it

    2. +Justin TX Yeah because he got too comfortable with trying to win a game with his legs! Oh it’s plenty of highlights of his beautiful deep ball passes that I like about him and that arm strength. He flicked a ball for a deep pass effortlessly.

    3. +Justin TX And another thing, the only thing that bothered me about Vick’s game play, was a strong indication that he couldn’t read certain defenses or some defensive schemes. That problem came from him be focused on winning games with his legs majority of the time.

    4. Greg da cool yea but if he had a arm in college then he would’ve been #1 for sure

    1. Rafael Lopez He’s to embarrassed to put him on there, but I’m sure that he did have a higher grade on him than a lot of the other guys on this list.

    2. He probably had Jamarcus Russell top 10 but I wouldn’t be so sure, I mean I’d be more aggrieved about RG3 not on the list, Jamarcus wasn’t even considered the no. 1 pick until the start of silly season. Up to then it was Brady Quinn was hands down. But this list was bullshit. Big Ben in there is a joke. Rivers ahead of Eli is bullshit. Cam no. 1 is bullshit. Rodgers period is bullshit especially when Smith is at 10. I mean I’m surprised he didn’t go back to 2000 and throw in Brady at 7 followed by Dak.

  4. Terrible list he totally missed out on obvious studs here is mine
    10)Mark Sanchez
    09) EJ Manuel
    08)Blaine Gabbert
    07)Jimmy Clausen
    06)Brady Quinn
    05)JP Losman
    04)Bryon Leftwich
    03) Tim Tebow
    02)Johnny Manziel
    01) Jamarcus “GOAT” Russell

    1. Andrew Luck was touted as being the next John Elway- a must have QB that a team would trade away their whole draft to get. The colts purposely tanked their season to get him.

  5. My top 10 QB’s in the draft since 2012

    1) Andrew Luck QB Stanford 2012

    2) Marcus Mariota QB Oregon 2015

    3) Deshaun Watson QB Clemson 2017

    4) Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville 2014

    5) Jared Goff QB California 2016

    6) Jameis Winston QB Florida St 2015

    7) Blake Bortles QB UCF 2014

    8) Derek Carr QB Fresno St 2014

    9) Carson Wentz QB North Dakota St 2016

    10) Robert Griffin III QB Baylor 2012

    1. Plays for the seahawks, drafted in 2012 and has been in 1 superbowl and led the seahawks to 5 playoffs and has been in 3 pro bowls

    2. Diamond Cavern This list is not of best qbs in the nfl that was drafted since 2012 this is my top qbs that I had coming into the NFL

  6. my top 5

    1. me

    HM: alex smith, luck, johnny football and winston

  7. I’m sorry, Bucky is completely full of crap here. All 10 of the qbs on the list are relevant players! Let me give a list of 1st round qbs since 01 that didnt pan out..David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, Byron Leftwich, JP Losman, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Jason Campbell, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, EJ Manuel, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles..and to a lesser extent someone like Sam Bradford. Are you seriously telling me NONE of these guys ranked as a top 10 qb for you over the last 15 years? I can openly admit I thought a few of those guys would be great. I wish he was more honest, but he obviously wants to prove his credibility as a talent evaluator.

    1. Brooks Orlando dam Bradford still has a chance and don’t judge bottles till after this year, rest I agree

    2. Taylor moose He had immediate success before injuries so I can’t call him a complete bust..but you make a good point. Is he honestly saying he had RG3 rated below someone like Alex Smith coming out? I highly doubt it

    3. Brooks Orlando exactly. There was even some discussion at the time about colts potentially taking RG3 over luck bc of upside. He was ridiculously talented. I have hard believing all of the top 10 he’s scouted in the past 16 years were slightly above average or better. He sounds like polian when he said colts had a 1st round grade on Brady.

    4. ㄷ얌ㄱ야 듀문 I like Bradford and he is a starting qb. Go back to 2010 though..people thought he was the best qb prospect in years. They said he would have been Lions number 1 pick over Stafford in 09. You further prove my point though. Don’t you think he was rated as one the top 10 qbs over the last 15 years? I would probably say so. Same with Russell and RG3. I think Bortles is a bust, but he has a chance this year I assume. Fournette is a stud that should help him for sure.

  8. Bandwagons be like “how is Brady not on this list”

    1. GoPackGo #AR12#DA17#TM88#JN87#HCD21#CM32 #MB80#NP53 😂😂

    2. GoPackGo #AR12#DA17#TM88#JN87#HCD21#CM32 #MB80#NP53 W most of them probably think I was #1 overall pick

    3. Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating lmfaooo W

  9. Bullshit
    Eli Manning should be No.1 due to him winning 2 super bowl with the Giants.

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