39 thoughts on “Top 10 Plays of the Stanley Cup Final

    1. I liked when the Islanders should have been handed multiple penalties last year and shouldn’t have even made it to the second round. Don’t even get started about refs the proof is right there.

    1. Pass off the boards..smacked out of mid air–off the back of the goalie and in for the WIN

      Definitely number one..

      Pretty Pontus goal #2 .. Hainsey dodging the hits and scoring on perfect pass and Crosby backhand should be tied for #3

      Congrats Pens!

  1. see a lot of complaining about the refs in favor of the pens. refs made some make up calls for predators 5 on 3 and 0 for 4 on power plays they had their opportunity and didn’t cash in. GO PENS !!!

    1. Hainsey never played in a Play off game and to
      Score and be able to hold the up is the reason Hockey is a great thing to watch . Hats off to all
      The fans that watched but their team didn’t make the play offs or illuminated In the play offs. It’s the best thing on TV

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