36 thoughts on “Top 10 Plays of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    1. Chris Where was the Crosby to Kunitz double ot winner. That should of made top 10 before dumb Rinne going behind the net play. That was more of a not top ten play if you ask me. Got lucky save on lucky bounce, but you keep going behind the net bad stuff will happen.

    2. Hillstylelife Yeah i get that but my point was Rinne play was horrible. That idiot shouldnt of been running behind his net in the first place. Lundquest had an amazing triple save while laying on his side, and that garbage gets in over that. SMH. Just a youtube video tho. lol.

    1. Aric Yes I did watch, I’m a sens fan, their defense first mentality was very frustrating at times and can be boring but with our assets it was effective. And my comment was more of a little joke because all the talk of the sens was how boring they were.

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