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Top 10 Dunks of The 2017 NBA Finals!

What's your favorite? LeBron James, Kevin Durant and their Cleveland Cavaliers & Golden State Warriors teammate highlight the Top 10 Dunks of the 2017 NBA Finals!

Watch the best rim-rocking slams from King James — including his EPIC off-the-backboard, self alley-oop slam in the Cavs' high-scoring Game 4 — and Finals MVP KD. But it doesn't stop there. Javale McGee and Tristan Thompson get into the act, courtesy of lobs from Stephen Curry and LBJ.

Which do you remember the most? Let us know in the comments.

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Dunks of The 2017 NBA Finals!

    1. Devon Uram I think that Curry passed to Livingston should be top 10 finals pass not dunk..

    1. +Highlight Handles I never said KD is the GOAT, this is insane, Michael Jordan is the GOAT. KD was the best player in these Finals though, like it or not. Curry almost averaged a triple double and KD still deserved to be the Finals MVP, the NBA is not just about triple doubles, geez…

    2. +Leonardo Diniz First off, I never said you called Durant the GOAT. Second, KD did DESERVE the MVP because they’re team won. But LeBron’s performance is still the greatest ever. And yes, if we’re talking about all around performances, the NBA is about triple-doubles in this case. The only player to ever average a triple double in the finals, this would be the best all around performance. That’s what I’m talking about.

  1. Top 10 LeBron dunks in the nba finals is what they’re trying to say.

  2. People are really caught in the hype for this year’s Finals.

    I have people telling me 2017 is the Top 10/Top 5 Best Finals Since 2000

  3. When everybody wanna trash LeBron for losing the Finals but then you remember that nobody can guard LeBron and he’s the best player in the Finals as usual.

  4. I think the dunk on iggy on the break was the most impressive out of them because it was so unexpected and he still made it look so effortless

  5. Iggy’s fastbreak dunk and McGee’s reversed dunk should be top 5 but aren’t even in here

  6. shouldve made lebron finals mvp, he avg a trip doub. kd was just in a *better* *team*

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