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Top 10 Assists from the 2017 NBA Finals

Alley-oops, no-looks and fullcourt outlet passes. Here are the best assists from the 2017 NBA Finals.

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Assists from the 2017 NBA Finals

  1. LeBron James proved yet again why he is one of the greatest of all time. The fact that golden state had to do all that just to beat him solidifies his legacy. Enjoy your ring, but YOU ARE NOT champions. Champions don’t do that.

    1. Mr.Sauceman X yes because the Warriors got all those players just to beat LeBron because LeBron has to no teammates its just 5 on 1

    2. Mr.Sauceman X 1. They are champions. 2. Lebron will NEVER catch Jordan. It’s impossible

    3. Cody you say Lebron has no teammates? Come on man, he had the same team with which won the title last year but including better players like Korver, Deron… Moreover, Lebron will never be the greatest of all time, he needed 50 more games to tie MJ on most points in playoffs… 50 f******* games!!!

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  3. If I don’t see at least 5 LeBron assists in this then this is a terrible Top 10 lol. LeBron was doing some crazy dimes this Finals all while averaging a triple double.

    1. You pass with less than 2 seconds left on the shot clock to a teammate 35 foot away from the basket and say that’s a good assist? How funny it is.

    2. good assist= setting up a teammate for an easy shot, that wasnt an easy shot, so yeah it was more a JR good shot than a good Lebron assist

  4. wow. so difficult to throw it to a wide open man, like 4 different times. that’s just bad defense. they should’ve put lebron’s pass to himself on here instead smh

    1. Lukas Löffler but that’s not a assist dumbass🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ he passed it to himself😂😂

    2. They should make a top 10 of Chris Paul’s best assist in the finals. O wait…….

  5. I’m not suprised that there is no Kyrie assist in the list. The guy plays well 1-1 but he has to develop his playmaking abilities. LeBron should give him the ball for not just playing iso.

  6. Number 6 was the best. It wasn’t even a rifle pass haha. He just caught Lebron sleeping.

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