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This is what Carmella did after winning Money in the Bank

Cathy Kelley looks at how Carmella celebrated her Money in the Bank win and what the SmackDown LIVE locker room had to say about her becoming Ms. Money in the Bank … again.
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87 thoughts on “This is what Carmella did after winning Money in the Bank

  1. JAMES ELLSWORTH RUINS EVERYTHING like if you agree Charmella shouldn’t have won man she’s coming out to the stage COMPLAINING that she’s not getting enough attention but they still let her win money in the bank twice like wtf give someone else a chance

    1. James Ellsworth should’ve been fired after he ruined the 1st Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match so that he wouldn’t have tried again. He nearly grabbed the MITB briefcase again but thank goodness Becky Lynch stopped him by making him fall of the ladder and making him land on the top rope which hurt him. You’re right,James Ellsworth likes to ruin everything by interfering on Carmella’s behalf.

    2. Bruce Dowell lmao James is hilarious and a heel magnet look how butt hurt everyone is. THIS is the point of what they did kids to get you talking good or bad he’s a heel he’s not supposed to be liked by anyone.

    1. Darling, you look as WONDERFUL… as an OBSOLETE MULE. Your whole channel must be DELETED

    1. bruce wayne Vince is the type of guy that’s the type of guy to use a hair dryer when he gets out the shower instead of a towel cause he’s that type of guy

    1. Bhavesh Purohit Actually I went to talking smack to make the show as FABULOUS as CARMELLA!!! And stop dreaming that you’re Big Cass.


    You clicked read more because you were curious.

    1. Hardy Boyz But since the WWE was there, there will be a lot of WWE fans in that city. I even saw a couple on my flight.

    1. TheAlmighty litteraly all of the 4 horsewoman of nxt has charisma and talent but the main rooster thinking that nxt are “rookies” destroyed their image

    2. Or she won’t.. She will most likely win and become the longest reigning SD Woman’s Champ #FemaleRoman

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    1. Dean ambrose
    2.Alexa bliss
    4.Aj styles
    5.John cena
    6.Nikki bella
    7.Brie bella
    8.James ellsworth
    9.Seth rollins
    0.Triple h
    I start at 1 so I’m dean ambrose yay

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