home WWE The New Day reflect on a special first for Xavier Woods after winning: July 23, 2017

The New Day reflect on a special first for Xavier Woods after winning: July 23, 2017

Following their victory over The Usos at WWE Battleground 2017, The New Day reflect on a big first for Xavier Woods and their career in WWE.

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75 thoughts on “The New Day reflect on a special first for Xavier Woods after winning: July 23, 2017

    1. Hardies vs Shesaro vs The Club vs Enzo and Cass at WM 33 and Hardies vs Shesaro Iron Man Match at GBOF were better imo. But this one was great too

    2. TaichoKilla Did you not watch Cesaro and sheamus iron man match vs the hardy boyz that’s better imo

    1. Jacob Conde He has never faced the champion for the title in a 1 on 1 match. He did triple threats and Elimination Chamber, but never had a title match.

      It’s bad that he’s never been champion, but someone so decorated SHOULD have at least a title match.

    2. Levi Jara Even if the New Day is Tag Team Championship We can still make Kofi Kingston Turn on the New Day Big E And Xavier Woods Make Kofi turn heel and give him a single’s title run

  1. Xavier needs more matches. He is so talented. I don’t get why we don’t see him perform a lot.

    1. Lol everyone has a PCL in their knee. you meant a PCL injury ? that healed some time ago

    2. TheSupineSmokey13 no legit he doesn’t have a PCL lol he says it in one of his UpUpDownDown videos

    3. Shovel he was seen more of a distraction for their opponents when they were heel and raw never really changed that, hence why sd live is the best!

    4. X has been my favourite member of New Day since the beginning. dude is so talented. I’m happy for him.

  2. I agree with Xavier. But Kofi needs just one more belt to make it complete…


    1. While I actually have been entertained seeing Jinder as the champ, Kofi is far more deserving of the title than he is if we’re making the “deserving” argument.

  3. now give big e a chance to win an individual championship. at least the us championship. please, he deserved it.

    1. Random_Z The amount of money these three will be making in merch is enough to not bother about solo runs

    1. Jeremy McNair Kofi’s gonna go on twice. Once as part of New Day and once as a solo guy.

  4. I’m a 30 year old white male and I felt inspired… I don’t think race should have to play into an athletes legacy. Kofi has been a routine mid-card HERO for the better part of the decade, and I really feel that he is deserving of a main event caliber push if the storyline lines up for that. Kofi for Rumble 2018.

    1. Race shouldn’t play a part of an athlete’s legacy, but it’s like Xavier said… those young black kids see one of their own succeeding in the business when it wasn’t always that way in the past. You had Booker T and that was about it, except when Mark Henry went on a 2 year tear. It matters to them quite a bit.

    1. Kofi has won more championships and the last championship he needs to win is the world championship

  5. kofi Kingston is my favorite African American Wrestler in the wwe, and always was…congratulations new day, you deserved it.

    1. Darkness 2k Born in Ghana yes, but he grew up in the 🇺🇸 he is married to an American and has 2 kids.

    2. Corey Pierson nah his Ghanaian I know cos I’m Ghanaian and you can also tell from the tats on his back they’re symbols of the Ashanti region

    1. Deyvion Nichols new day triple threat match just like the shield and make xavier turn heel them

  6. Kofi is the most decorated Black wrestler from WWE of all time the new day is the most decorated black team of all time.

  7. Kofi aka POPS the MOST DECORATED African American champion in WWE history without a major heavyweight title reign. Push Kofi!

  8. I just realized that Kofi has held three different tag team titles: world, raw and now smackdown

    1. Bryan Nkala and is a 6 time tag champion 4 time u.s champion and 3 time i.c champion 13 title reigns

  9. Kofi needs a world title run before it’s all said and done. He really is the most decorated black champion in WWE history and is paving the way for a lot of young POCs in the business today. He’s already a hall of famer in my book.

    1. Spartan 1337 OF COURSE. He’s literally done almost everything there is to do except win a world title.

    2. Yo Momma in WWE in particular, Kofi has had more chips under his belt. Thing is he’s still in his prime imo and still has time to do big things. He should’ve got a true major title push a while back when he had that lil program with Orton years ago, that was the prime time to give him the belt.

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