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The MMA Beat: Mayweather vs. McGregor Edition

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With Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor set, MMA FIghting's Ariel Helwani and Luke Thomas break down all the angles.


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78 thoughts on “The MMA Beat: Mayweather vs. McGregor Edition

    1. Nate Diaz beat Conor standing boxing 1st fight so conor took him down and got choked. 2nd fight conor used leg kicks to slow Diaz but would have lost if more than 5 rounds.

    2. Mr. Meeseeks I’m just stating everyone in the mma community has already seen these videos of him sparring Chris months ago. I’m sure he has made improvements from when these were released.

    1. He will be above the Illuminati he will have the whole world population at his feet and maybe illuminati will try get him kiled because he becomes too populair.

    1. Since the UFC is somehow involved in this, i think they will do one pretty soon and than one more before the night. But its just a guess so, yeah, hope this still helps.

    1. Ariel dialing up the modem….boo boo boo ahhhhh ehh ahhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh ehh ahhhhh. Ok Luke I’m ready…had to turn the resolution down so I see a block with a beard.

    1. It should be common sense that one 5 minute round is much more tiring than two 3 minute rounds. Furthermore, Nate is a 190 pound guy. Mayweather is the smallest guy Conner will have fought.

    2. MazyTheAmazing this is boxing not mma. Who cares who Conor have fought in mma. Have you seen Floyd vs Canelo or DLH? I would pick smaller boxers than Floyd like lomachenko or even rigo to beat Conor in boxing.

    3. I said who cares who Conor have fought in MMA because you said Mayweather is the smallest guy Conor will have fought. It doesn’t matter who he fought in MMA because this is a boxing match and he never fought a boxer before. I disregard the fighters he has faced but I don’t disregard his MMA fights because those are the only things that we can use to measure Conor’s attributes and speculate how they would transfer in a boxing match. Honestly just do yourself a favor and watch some of Floyd’s fights and you will know how this fight is going to go down. Canelo is younger, had 8 years and 40+ boxing fights, and is similar in size to Conor and couldn’t do anything meaningful to Floyd. I get it. You only know Conor but you need to start talking about what Floyd has done in boxing because this is a boxing match.

    1. Meanwhile, Jeff mashed away his witty reply on an 80’s typewriter, sent it by carrier pigeon to his IT guy to “do the thing to get in on the internet” ..

      ..and police shot down the pigeon 😥

  1. Ariel helwani and Luke…thank u guys for doing ur job…I’m not going to be the one who complains about unnecessary stuff…appreciate it..thank u for taking the time to do that!

    1. Precious Louis IV you said he was retired after this fight now you say he can rematch floyd? So you now agree he won’t retire. Thanks my job here is done. Much love goodnight.

  2. Let’s introduce a little anarchy to the party…If Conor knocks floyd dead, he will be raised to mythical status. I want to see stuff like that happen. Who doesn’t want to see an individual make crazy history in a positive way?

    1. Will pitt it’s the only reason I’m interested. I know all the reasons why this shouldn’t happen but we are witnessing a guy who believes in himself so much that it makes you feel he has a shot bc of the way he carries himself.

    2. Will pitt
      we did almost see that happen in our life time.. with tiger woods.. that is why they call it impossible..
      but when you have a clear enough picture in your mind…absolute belief.. hard work.. I think Connor is going to knock him out.. he will see it.. speak it.. act it.. It’s going to be the once in a lifetime event generations dream about…

    3. People were saying all the same things when the Aldo match was coming.. Conor already made crazy history in a sport. Time to do it again.

    1. He trained for two years tough and had a little early wrestling amateur background. It is actually quite a good comparison. You could argue that PUNK was probably better prepared and fighting a guy closer to his level than Conor is to Floyd’s though.

    2. Not really…Punk had NO MMA or fighting experience/skills, Conor has high boxing skills, nowhere near Floyd but still. CM Punk was an unathletic 40 year old with a shot back and knees, Conor is a very athletic 28 year old who has had 1 knee injury, nothing major other then that. And CM Punk fought Micky Gall, who was 1-0, 2-0 if you count the Jackson fight, Floyds 49-0.

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