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The best moments from the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Take a look at all the best moments from the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

64 thoughts on “The best moments from the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  1. I wish the sens made the final but you can’t complain with the run they had. Go sens go

    1. The Ottawa Senators were a good team. However, Pittsburgh Penguins are just an extremely tough team.

    1. Kudk please, predators had how many power plays and a 5-3? Fave it penguins would have still won and if they didn’t tonight they would of at home

    2. They had Letang plenty, he helped them all through this regular season and he was huge in last years Cup run. Was a definite candidate for the Conn Smythe. Dude plays 30 minutes a game. Can’t wait for next season, hopefully he stays healthy for it.

    1. DAJAJUAB Yeah and the refs are getting their names on the cup and a Parade, while Boston gets nothing. Haha.

    1. OoJuneBugOo true, if Ottawa would have one that series, that would’ve changed the whole cup final odds

  2. How’s that for irony, slow-mo of the referees and then they show Cindy happy and smiling. Unbelievable these jokes of officials all playoffs let alone last night.

    1. Rocco Caruso
      If you want the hawks to be in the video then name me one good thing they did in the playoffs

    2. As a hawks fan, they barely got any goals, I’m happy they weren’t in this cause it’s disappointing TBH

  3. Pens obviously had it this year. Blackhawks out, nobody has the finals experience like the penguins did, they already know how to win. Congrats

    1. Lgd1993 J I think you’re the only person not complaining in the comments. I salute you good sir.

    1. lol its funny that you use emojis, they’re more annoying than the refs were when they were against sens and preds

    2. Better step your game up or the Pens are gonna ruin hockey for you. If we got the refs in our pocket might as well stop watching hockey. Maybe sell the franchise to another city or even just close your doors and let the Pens have your best players so they can enjoy a Stanley Cup victory.

  4. for those who are saying “so what if the refs called off the preds goal, they gave them two powerplays in return” power plays dont give the preds a 100 percent chance to score, were they should have had a goal earlier, which would make it a tie game. Nice job refs!

    1. Sal Pappalardo The goal would have been waved off anyway due to goaltender interference.

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