home NFL The Best and Worst Offensive Lines Heading into the 2017 Season | DDFP | NFL

The Best and Worst Offensive Lines Heading into the 2017 Season | DDFP | NFL

Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker discusses the best and worst offensive lines, and linemen heading into the 2017 Season.

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91 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Offensive Lines Heading into the 2017 Season | DDFP | NFL

    1. Russell Wilson right that why you’re always running around like chicken with no head no offense great player

    1. yes they do, saying from a cowboys fan (that dosent mean though that Zeke is overrated)

    1. Deshone Kizer #14hunnit #steelersnation #6ringz That’s a fine for not accepting my opinion

    1. Marcellus Aaron A Cowboys offense that scored ALOTTT of points against alot of teams (Packers, Steelers, Eagles, etc) but struggled to score more than 10 against that Giants defense says alot about that Giants D. Btw that Giants D-Line shutout Zeke the second half of that game to only 10 yards. Much Respect.

    1. +Ethan Nguyen “Old geezers” clearly you. Know nothing about the Eagles offensive line. Or football for that matter. Shut up while the ones who do talk.

    2. Spunky1991 You’re right All Pro caliber Left tackle, one of the best right tackles, and pro bowl caliber center.

  1. Even with the Giants O-line who have the two worst pair of tackles in the NFL yet im still breaking All time records shows How amazing I am

    1. Can’t stand Dameshek, but everything that former linemen was saying was real as F***

  2. Top 5 best O-Lines in the NFL today…
    1. Cowboys
    2. Raiders
    3. Titans
    4. Falcons
    5. Steelers

    Top 5 worst O-Lines in the NFL today…
    1. Seahawks
    2. Rams
    3. Jaguars
    4. Texans
    5. Bengals (after they lost Whitworth and Zeitler)

    1. CometVS yeah but they made more improvements then all of the others on the list and just because the Giants don’t have stellar tackles doesn’t mean they have a horrible offensive line they have a good interior offensive line

    2. The interior isn’t that great either, at least until they prove it again. Richburg was injured so he was off and Pugh was out a bit. Jerry is..? Average at best. I don’t think it’s a horrible line going forward but they won’t be a great offense if the OT’s are that bad again. It should help that Ellison will be there to help out whereas last year none of the TE’s could block an ant.

    3. CometVS yeah but it’s not a top five worst dude calm down I feel like you’re a Giants hater you’re trying to make me change my opinion or facts at this point I believe if the Giants offensive line is healthy then it’s in the top 10 range OK

    4. How about the Colts? I’m not a Colts fan but wasn’t Luck the most hit QB in the NFL this year?

    5. Theing Soe I’m basing these off of talent wise and their stats and while I look at the colts I think their O-Line has some talent with Ryan Kelly and that OG that’s good (idk how to spell his name)

  3. seahawk have the best offensive plus they add a hybrid OT/RB eddie lacy


    1. RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound by hybrid OT/RB do u perhaps mean a Guard who sometimes gets the ball?

    1. Garrett Fox dude I know, I was wondering if anyone else noticed. Dameshek asked, “who is an offensive linemen specifically that no one is aware of that is great” dude freezes and stutters and responds with Zach Martin lol tf everyone knows how good he is.

  4. eric flowers and nelson agholor is the 2 best at there positions

    1. Mr. Issippii no he’s saying that people always assume the someone is the best( even if they are) Because they heard it from someone else

    2. Mr. Issippii No it’s because people say he’s the best left tackle yet they have no facts to say he is

    3. Sey ley of course his peers are gonna say he’s the best if they’re his peers. He never played against pass rushes this athletic, more stronger and faster

  5. Best lines in no specific order:

    Under the radar lines for 2017: eagles, browns, bears,

  6. 1. Dallas
    2. Oakland
    3. Titans
    4. Steelers
    5. Falcons
    6. Patriots
    7. Redskins
    8. Green Bay
    9. Lions
    10. Saints

    1. Yeah with Eric wood, Richie incognito and Cordy Glenn and new rookie dion Dawkins, but can Jordan mills or john miller really fulfill that fifth spot? I hope so.

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