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Super Slo-mo: Stanley Cup Final

Sidney Crosby, Jake Guentzel and Pontus Aberg's gorgeous goals; super saves from Pekka Rinne and Matt Murray, all in glorious slow motion

40 thoughts on “Super Slo-mo: Stanley Cup Final

  1. With all the injuries, with all the abuse on Crosby that’s so hypocritical, with the most games played in the last 2 years than any other team, we over came all of it. Great season Pens!!! Stanley cup champs!

  2. What a great series! This series has been so much better than the NBA finals… Subscribe to me for Daily Sports News!

    1. Yeah, I was rooting for the Predators, but hey, I will take the Pens winning another Cup over having to hear about LeBron, Draymond Green and the other ‘superstars’ again any day.

    2. Alex’s Sports News the NBA finals suck congrats to my pens can’t wait for next season already.

    1. TheAmazingOne1 ty as a Pittsburgh fan I wanna say if it ain’t us winning . I hope it’s the blues .

    2. @Tom Magana next season our Blues will surpass the Predz and will join Pens for the Cup

  3. I wonder how close the dressing rooms are together, or if the Preds could hear them celebrate through the vents. Congrats to both teams.

  4. I like on how hockey have really good sportsmanship. The Penguins were shaking hands with the Predators even though the Penguins won the Stanley Cup Finals.

  5. As a preds bandwagon fan, I could only say Congrats penguins on your 5th Stanley cup win and 2nd back to back win.

    1. +Pete Kondolios Well I guess you are right. When I went to both of those games the Penguins won.

    2. +Pete Kondolios I really can’t wait until next season. I will also miss Marc-andre Flurry if the Las Vegas Golden Nights take him.

    1. Jacob C Um… they all have the Predators as well. Probably because it was highlights from the Cup Final. Which the Penguins won. Led by Crosby. Best in the world. Hahahaha

    2. Jacob C Right my bad! So much hate on the Pens it’s hard to tell who’s being serious and who’s not hahaha.

  6. I love Playoff hockey dont like the pens but congrats you deserve it you earned it and insert cliche expression here

  7. Thanks @nhl, super slomo were so great. i hope to see slomo again next Season 😃😃😃😃

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