40 thoughts on “Super Slo-mo: Stanley Cup Final

  1. With all the injuries, with all the abuse on Crosby that’s so hypocritical, with the most games played in the last 2 years than any other team, we over came all of it. Great season Pens!!! Stanley cup champs!

    1. Yeah, I was rooting for the Predators, but hey, I will take the Pens winning another Cup over having to hear about LeBron, Draymond Green and the other ‘superstars’ again any day.

  2. I like on how hockey have really good sportsmanship. The Penguins were shaking hands with the Predators even though the Penguins won the Stanley Cup Finals.

    1. Jacob C Um… they all have the Predators as well. Probably because it was highlights from the Cup Final. Which the Penguins won. Led by Crosby. Best in the world. Hahahaha

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