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Story of Golden State Warriors’ 2016-17 Championship Season

Led by 2-time MVP Stephen Curry, NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant and All-Stars Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, the Golden State Warriors took home the 2017 NBA championship after a dominating 2016-17 season. Watch their year in review with a thrilling piece from CSN Bay Area.

After going 65-17 in the regular season, securing the most wins in a 3-year period in the history of the NBA, the Warriors went 16-1 in the NBA Playoffs to claim their second championship in 3 seasons, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, 4-1.

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73 thoughts on “Story of Golden State Warriors’ 2016-17 Championship Season

    1. A million subs Without any videos What pro athlete (exept Jordan and soon also LeBron) is a billionare? Give me that safe and guaranteed billion.

    2. Masterboss 2105 Michael Jordan became one because of his businesses after retirement. LeBron will likely do the same.

    3. +DeeDeeBeatz Exactly. But there’s no guarantee that you will make that kind of a profit. And I can play in the NBA and make 1 mil an year. I’m still a professional athlete but I have way less money.

    1. +Boredasfuc
      1. Jordan
      2. Kareem
      3. Russell
      4-6*. Wilt, Magic, Lebron
      7-10*. Kobe, Bird, Shaq, Duncan

      I don’t think I’m missing any big names. Robertson, Hakeem, and Erving miss the cut.

      *rank changes daily in my mind. They go hand in hand.

    2. whoever said that curry is top 15 of all time don’t understand basketball(nba). Like if you agree

    3. LongJohn Silverthorne Hmm I like your top 2, but I’d put bird in 3rd and Wilt 4th. I think personally Mchale is better than Duncan, his up and under post moves were unguardable. Im not a Celtics fan btw.

  1. What a great championship season, they had to go through some really tough battles!! I just know its gonna be just as tough next year. I wonder if they’ll make it to the finals….. the competition is really fucking thriving now a days since Kd left

    1. I don’t think 16-1 is a fluke. But Game 4 of the Finals was I’ll give you that 😉

    2. Ayesha Curry that’s why they won the championship. 😂

  2. There have been a lot of good basketball squads, but I think the current Warriors may be the best ever. “Like” if you agree.

    1. Basketball is a sport where the best team usually wins, and Golden State really has been the past few years. I think this is the start of a dynasty.

  3. If you’re a LeBron hater I’m sure it felt good to root against him when he’s in the finals but being a NBA fan in general, you have to admit. Your favorite team isn’t going to the finals anytime soon. LeBron vs. Golden State is gonna continue happening for the next 4-5 years.

    Check out my latest video. Best moments of this years NBA Playoffs. Leave a like if you enjoyed.

  4. 3:33 idk why y’all didn’t add in Kawhi being injured by ZaZa because that was a key factor in gsw win.

    1. I’m really happy the Warriors won, but I’m not gonna pretend I’m blind. The Spurs had a great opportunity to make the finals this year and maybe get TP and Ginobili one last ring… after being riddled with 3 injuries what can u do

  5. They deserved it more than Cleveland. Glad they rule the Nba now cause Cleveland isn’t winning another title for another 100 years.

  6. 16-1

    The greatest team of all time

    Kd is the best player in the world

    Steph is the greatest shooter of all time

    Klay is the greatest toaster signer of all time

    Draymond is the best defender in the league

    Javale McGee -multiple mvps

    No other team in history can match this young teams accolades

  7. Before the season: *”Haha, KD and Curry are going to blow a 3-1 lead together”*

    When Cavs lose: *”It’s not fair because KD joined the Warriors”*

    Oh and I thought Kylie>Curry and Bron>KD so are you really saying they won bc of Draymond and Klay?

  8. 3 – 5 leflop never compare him to mj and hes the first one to ruined the league going to heat

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