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Rookies FREAK OUT At Magic! | NFL

The NFL Rookies at the Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles, CA are spooked by professional magician, Michael Rangel.

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58 thoughts on “Rookies FREAK OUT At Magic! | NFL

    1. “KING” Of Kings Gaming *joe mantana and Aaron Rodgers

    1. Stefon Diggs #CanYouDiggIt #GetWellSoonTeddy think u got those numbers backwards. BUCS all day!!!

    1. Bridge Howard It’s not that difficult to make a pro bowl, either being selected or as an alternate. I just went out on a limb and said one day they will both be in a pro bowl. Not that unrealistic.

    1. Chris D no they were at Panini’s rookie showcase for a photo shoot and to do stuff with Panini trading cards

  1. It’s the old Aziz Ansari bit ‘black people freak out over magic’ all over gain.

    1. he join the gaygals his career is over watch when joe haden put them hands on him

    2. sidney jones boy if you don’t stfu you have endless WR in the nfc east to cover

    3. odeLL, dez ,crowder, pryor ,cole, docston, sterling, william and marshall

  2. He should be a Quarterback for the Browns so he can teleport the ball into the receiver hands. Alot of play action plays

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