home NFL Rookie Austin Carr’s Amazing TD Grab! | Jaguars vs. Patriots (Preseason) | NFL

Rookie Austin Carr’s Amazing TD Grab! | Jaguars vs. Patriots (Preseason) | NFL

New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo escapes pressure and finds rookie wide receiver Austin Carr in the end zone.

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59 thoughts on “Rookie Austin Carr’s Amazing TD Grab! | Jaguars vs. Patriots (Preseason) | NFL

  1. What are the patriots favorite snack?

    Potato chips
    What did you think I was gonna say “Cheatos” lol that’s stupid!

    1. arod927 games stop advertising your channel u want hate keep doing em but stop advertising your stupid YouTube channel

    1. K Mula There has been plenty of games where he dropped the ball especially under pressure. It’s just the first time the giants have made the playoffs and 5+ years

    1. Jay Cutle; Depend how he plays with the Bears and beating Aaron Rotgers for the top spot in that division. I will say top 20 no more.
      But if he struggle like you did.
      I will call him Troublesky.

    1. noah thompson; Lol. No. I’m Puerto Rican also and I have family living in Connecticut.
      But reason my last name is Hernandez is because I’m married

    2. BeastMode 21 #283Reasons #GOAT; I thought that they were related like cousin or something like that. Lol.

  2. Aaron Rodgers>me
    Don’t even argue with me about this

    1. “So from a fan’s perspective, what a great game to watch and to see Tom in his greatness on display one more time. I mean, he didn’t need to win that to prove that he’s the G.O.A.T., but just another part of his legacy there.” – Aaron Rodgers

    2. Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#MaddenCursed#SystemQuartback;
      Probably you was having a terrible headache and your wife confuses with the concussion situation.

  3. I wouldnt buy tickets to preseason games rather go when its important games and means something

    1. Bet you been saying that since he was 35… maybe if you pray enough it might happen and he won’t destroy your team anymore…

    2. TimTamGaming your profile picture explains everything lol..

      “What? Y’all n*ggas trippin’!”

    1. No, but he was a Big Ten receiver of the year and led the Big Ten in receptions, yards, and touchdowns, and somehow went undrafted

  4. How is that not the “smartest pass”? Are you worried the field goal was going to intercept it or something?

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