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Relive The Celtics’ Comeback From Down 0-2!

The top-seeded Boston Celtics’ Playoff run got off to a tough start, after they lost their first two home games to the Chicago Bulls. But the Celtics would go on to win the next four games of the series to fly high into the second round. Featuring Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Al Horford, Gerald Green, and more, relive the best of the Celtics’ turnaround that sent them to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

73 thoughts on “Relive The Celtics’ Comeback From Down 0-2!

    1. melokid99 damn that’s a big deal huh, considering our main factor of the team was hurt and we were facing the number one seed who should’ve swept the bulls 4-0

    2. melokid99 not a bulls fan but 2-0 leads get blown like every year its only relevant to say a team blew a 3-1 lead or 3-0 if that ever happens

  1. Wouldn’t necessarily call it a great comeback. I think without the rondo injury it would have panned out quite differently. Celtics definitely caught a huge break

    1. to talk about the series that just happened… not act like my future predictions are 100% inevitable

  2. incoming bulls fans claiming *the bulls would’ve swept the celtics had Rondo played*

    1. Danang Dwiatma He’s trash….the reason the Celtics won is because they played their hearts out and modified the way they played.

  3. *Not a Bulls Fan but peep these stats*

    *Bulls with Rondo*
    *108.5 PPG*
    *25.0 Assist Per Game*
    *99.5 OPP PPG*
    *FG ATT 90.0*
    *FG PCT 47%*

    *Without Rondo*
    *93.0 PPG*
    *19.0 Assist Per Game*
    *105.3 OPP PPG*
    *FG ATT 80.0*
    *FG PCT 41%*

    *Celtics played well, But Rondo was an X-Factor this series*

    1. Its not about Rondo its about the Coach adjustments! Rondo is not an Excuse getting hammered by 30 Deficit in your Homecourt! Bulls are Big and you have Wade and Butler…..lets see next Season how Rondo will take you if hes getting the Max and Butler will get traded

    2. Jordan Let’s watch out for the stats with Amir in the starting 5 and with Green in the starting 5

    3. Chivo you’re so funny! excuses are a sign of weakness! so you guys are the weak Chokago Excuses

    4. L Isaiah scored 33 in game 1 and over 20 in game 2! but 16 pts in game 3! your argument is trash

    1. Jay kay he cant really guard any1 ‘ hes a liability on defense but more than makes up 4 it on offense

    2. Jay kay He doesn’t have to, they have Avery Bradley so they can hide him on defense

    3. +KG TwoThree i think its cuz Celtics is a way better team… Dont get me wrong, iam a Celtics can too, i just think Thomas will be a liability on defense..

  4. It’s very ignorant to say “the only reason Celtics won was because Rondo was out after game 2”. I can say that IT’s sister dying helped Chicago win the first 2 games by that logic (which is much more devastating than a fucking broken finger) just give credit to Boston by staying resilient & getting it done despite all the adversity.

    1. Gg0ver9000 sure he’s not over it yet, but it’s not as devastating anymore. The first game, he was probably thinking about throughout the entire game. But now I bet you he’s completely locked in and doesn’t think about it at all while he’s playing. With how tough he is, he might even be over it. It’s not like his whole family died.

    2. Brandon Downes I didn’t say he had to get over it already you I don’t didn’t mention that all I’m saying that after a few months or so he’d get over it don’t start putting words in my mouth

    1. Alex N Find a comment where i said I wanted him off the team. If anything I only wanted management to be gone

    2. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! Dropping 30 for him is literally nothin. He clearly was devastated and if his sister wasn’t dead he would of been dropping 40 everygame. and the series would of been celtics 4-0

    3. keion price LMAO some times I regret commenting because dumb kids replies like these

  5. So the fact that the 8th seed was up 2-0 against the 1st seed wasn’t sad?
    This isn’t a comeback, it’s what should’ve happened in the first place…Celtshits will lose to the Wizard

    1. HiMyNameIs Phoenix Suns were once down 0-2 to an eighth seed, and the. They almost won the championship, so it happens

    2. HiMyNameIs your basketball iq needs serious work if you couldn’t tell this was a bad matchup for boston PLUS IT’s sister passing

  6. What Bulls fans had to go through this decade so far..

    2010 Playoffs: 8th Seed, 1st Round Exit.

    2011 Playoffs: 1st Seed, MVP Rose, Conference Finals Exit. Looking Foward to next season.

    2012 Playoffs: 1st Seed, Derrick Rose Injured Game1, 1st Round Exit. Had high hopes, but MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

    2013 Playoffs: Derrick Rose sits out, 2nd Round Exit.

    2014 Playoffs: Derrick Rose Injured, 1st Round Exit.

    2015 Playoffs: Pau Gasol injured Game6, 2nd Round Exit.

    2016 Playoffs: Thibs replaced, Didnt make it. Underachieving Season.

    2017 Playoffs: 8th Seed, Win first 2 Games, High Hopes for series, Rondo Injured, Lose next 4, Major Disappointment once again…

    1. in 2011 we were at our happiest. Drose was only 22 when he won MVP. He had a lot of potential

    2. Yup. 2012-2014 was very rough for Bulls fans. We had the potential to reach battle Miami in the conference finals each year if Rose was healthy.

    1. Asap Sneakers ひ bulls fans were dissing rondo all year and now they treat him like a playoff savior 🙄. Don’t forget IT’S sister died

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