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Ref shows red card after questionable call | U-20 World Cup Highlights

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Giuseppe Pezzella is shown a red card after the ref makes a questionable call that was confirmed by the video assistant in Italy's U-20 match against Zambia.

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42 thoughts on “Ref shows red card after questionable call | U-20 World Cup Highlights

  1. Thats complete bs but anyways italy still won and they on next round they got justice

  2. this really worries me. not only was the call unfair, but it was decided using VAR. this is supposed to help, but clearly shows that refs can still be biased.

    1. +Jan Shegers I get what you’re saying. The only time elbows should be used, even with controversy, is in a flying header because in order to be skillful in the air every good header uses his her weight and agility to get around other players during flight otherwise try risk not getting injured and with not even a yellow card.

    2. And that is not the case at the moment. Football has become a very physical sport where you have people , eg , defenders that do not even know how to tackle in a correct way. Now I have to admit: at the top level it is still to some extent ok, but once you go to a lower league, even second one: the things you see there…. I sometimes feel they are having a boxing game or something.

    3. +Jan Shegers Well the idea is to go pro. Things are like that especially if player’s don’t have experience. A coach didn’t let me warmup when he was begging me to play center right back. Guess what knowing I was a center forward striker, I went along with his idea that one game and guess what. I ruptured 80% of my quad. And here I am still trying to recover from the injury a yr later. So sometimes it’s not even the players fault is the training staff.

    4. true. The problem is that the world of professional sports is often not really a world with (highly) intelligent people. In the higher leagues you have a good staff, but in general… Oh well not much will change in the end.

    1. But this time there wasn’t contact. All you mexicans can go cry but Robben’s foot was stepped on, and Mexico would have been smashed out of the next round regardless.

    2. BayernMann whether Mexico out of the World Cup or not, fair play is what fans want, not dirty dutch players diving and fouling each otjer

    1. Difference is that they had VAR technology but still gave the player red card.

      Also, Totti was sent off with 2 yellows. The 2nd one for a dive inside the box.

    2. Italy is constantly hurt by poor referee decisions and I believe it is because the other Europeans Countries needed to catch up to Italy. (4 world cups before 2014) There is definitely some sort of bias towards Italy because they never get calls like this for them. Just look at 2002 World Cup and 2014 World Cup to see what I mean.

    3. Definitely not. Sure Spain was robbed at the world cup ’02 but Italy had 5 goals given offsides against them in a 3 game period (the most in any world cup in 3 games) and 4 of them were the wrong decision with the other being so marginal that it makes you wonder if the refs didn’t even know but just decided to call it offsides (I’m saying this because of the other calls). The Italian football federation almost sued Fifa for the disgrace and fraudulence but they realize it wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Either way, it was 100% fixed to some degree. Not even probably fixed, it was definite.


    1. Josh De Alba wow you have to be stupid enough to say that. There was no contact at all

    2. he had his hand on the attacker his shoulder!This is not legal! Referees are too soft, ever seen a corner kick? Looks more like a wrestle match than a football game!

  4. red card. Yes. It’s a denial of goal scoring opportunity. but pk, no. the foul is outside the box. the back tracking defensive player DOES NOT attempt to play the ball. DOGSO is taking away a scoring opportunity. in my opinion, this takes away a scoring opportunity. degree is severity is irrelevant.

    1. Steve C That should not have been a red card. That little touch was not a denial of goal scoring opportunity. After the Italian player touched him the guy still kept going until he saw that he was not going to be able to score. If anything that should have been a yellow card for the Zambian player for simulating a foul.

    2. BeanZboT I agree the red is harsh, but evidently the referee sees it as DOGSO. therefore the flop, which I agree adds to the selling the DOGSO, doesn’t matter. I see a DOGSO, but I also understand the argument against DOGSO.

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