home NFL Randy Moss’ FULL Rookie Season Highlights | #CountdownToKickoff | NFL Highlights

Randy Moss’ FULL Rookie Season Highlights | #CountdownToKickoff | NFL Highlights

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With 84 days until the start of the 2017 Season we take a look at the rookie season of the best player to ever wear #84 in the NFL!

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72 thoughts on “Randy Moss’ FULL Rookie Season Highlights | #CountdownToKickoff | NFL Highlights

    1. To be fair, Randy made it there twice, it just happened that both were losses. He was key factor on the Patriot’s undefeated season… but they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. A few years later he was an afterthought on the 49er’s when they lost to Baltimore.

    1. RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound I didn’t even see it until I scrolled down after like 20 minutes… So shut up you bum just like the Odell

  1. My rookie season>Moss rookie Season he could only average 82.1 yds per game while I was averaging 108.8 per game while missing all of training camp and playing the entire season with a injured hammy All Moss did in his rookie season were deep routes throw it up vertical plays not that impressive when your 6’4 with amazing speed he never when over the top as a rookie or in the slot he was only good outside the numbers while I had 486 yac as a rookie missing 4 games its not even a discussion *CANT WAIT TO BREAK ALL HIS RECORDS* 😈

    1. Light Yagami No, Jerry Rice retired in 2004 but the reason why it wouldn’t be special at the time when they would play each other is because Jerry Rice wasn’t in his prime anymore.

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