home NFL Randy Moss’ FULL Rookie Season Highlights | #CountdownToKickoff | NFL Highlights

Randy Moss’ FULL Rookie Season Highlights | #CountdownToKickoff | NFL Highlights

With 84 days until the start of the 2017 Season we take a look at the rookie season of the best player to ever wear #84 in the NFL!

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72 thoughts on “Randy Moss’ FULL Rookie Season Highlights | #CountdownToKickoff | NFL Highlights

    1. J. Green yeah like Calvin Johnson they were both legends just did not make it to the super bowl.

    2. To be fair, Randy made it there twice, it just happened that both were losses. He was key factor on the Patriot’s undefeated season… but they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. A few years later he was an afterthought on the 49er’s when they lost to Baltimore.

  1. One of the best to ever play. He just might be the most exciting player to watch too. Favorite WR!

    1. Ah you, from the NASCARchannel . You have n’t commented in the last few weeks whats up buddy?

    1. People say he can only go long, but he can also catch first downs as well as he can touchdowns

    2. O Watchout tho ‘ Ya boy about 2 break the record for 60 yd TDs

  2. Incoming Odell account sayin “My rookie season was better”

  3. I was looking at the Vikings and Redskins game and thought to my self, I think Darrell Green was still on the Redskins and sure enough he was.

    1. he is the most talented reciver of all time but the best that’s Jerry, as much I love randy, jerry’s the G.O.A.T

    2. Alex De La Cruz Jerry Rice is the g.o.a.t and the best wr (Tom Brady too for g.o.a.t)

      So what you saying

    1. *Member how many records he broke with Brady? Something like 70 or 80 touchdowns in a season.. Guy was an animal when he wanted to be..*

  4. Here comes that stupid fake Odell account (always on nfl channel cause no life loser) saying he will break all of his records

    1. RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound I didn’t even see it until I scrolled down after like 20 minutes… So shut up you bum just like the Odell

  5. My rookie season>Moss rookie Season he could only average 82.1 yds per game while I was averaging 108.8 per game while missing all of training camp and playing the entire season with a injured hammy All Moss did in his rookie season were deep routes throw it up vertical plays not that impressive when your 6’4 with amazing speed he never when over the top as a rookie or in the slot he was only good outside the numbers while I had 486 yac as a rookie missing 4 games its not even a discussion *CANT WAIT TO BREAK ALL HIS RECORDS* 😈

    1. At least Randy Moss wasn’t afraid to go deep. Odell also didn’t win a playoff game yet nor have 12 wins in a season.

    2. Odell Beckham Jr. #Odeezy #13Hunnit #BreakinRecords come on man your making me hate the real Odell

    1. Light Yagami No, Jerry Rice retired in 2004 but the reason why it wouldn’t be special at the time when they would play each other is because Jerry Rice wasn’t in his prime anymore.

    2. +WhateverYouWantToCallThisChannel would have been interesting even if he wasn’t. Experience vs talent

    1. yeah moss said darrel green was the greatest corner that he have ever face he said he is tough to beat

    2. i remember when he said that but don’t get them (primetime fans) mad

    1. sexybeast11 he’s the only reason why wide recviers have jobs he scored 99 touchdown before football became a pass happy league

    2. Nfl I saw the top 100 best players in the NFL history and watched don hutson and for him to not be in a pass happy league he was a monster

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