home NHL Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators – June 11, 2017 | Game Highlights | NHL 2016/17

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators – June 11, 2017 | Game Highlights | NHL 2016/17

2017 Stanley Cup Final – Game 6

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27 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators – June 11, 2017 | Game Highlights | NHL 2016/17

    1. To me if the goalie clearly does not have possession of the puck and the whistle gets blown, and then the other team scores. It should be a good goal.Disagree with me and shoot me in the head. I don’t care because that is my opinion

    2. CanlemickGaming I think the replay officials should be allowed to use some judgment and common sense in a situation like this. It was such a short time from the inadvertent whistle to the goal and no one on the ice had stopped playing. Look at the reaction of the Nashville players and the Pittsburgh players. They all thought that was a goal.

    3. +CanlemickGaming. I don’t know what to do about it. But at this point the nhl should do something just like they should’ve for the Dallas Stars “foot in the crease goal.” Because at this point, it can mean the world. Also, good point by Indianapatsfan. However, rules are rules, and we can’t do anything about it until next season.

    1. vaerid99 the referee couldn’t see the puck from his angle so he had to blow his whistle. The whistle was blown before the puck went into the net. Therefore play should have stopped at the whistle and the goal does not count.

    2. vaerid99 the ref thought Matt Murray (goalie) had it covered up, but really the puck was loose and everything that’s done after the whistle doesn’t count towards any demeanor towards the game

    3. Wicked Hash wow bro great job you can nickname a town and label all the people in it. 10/10

    4. Name another game that the refs messed up not just once put like 3 times (hint you can’t do shut up they won fare and Square) and I’m a preds and jets fan

  1. Wa wa wa excuses excuses excuses. Trashville knows no other way. Go back to your country music and catfish

    1. Wicked Hash it’s not an excuse they are not trash u most likely are a pens fan who is a bandwagon or barely watched hockey till your team is in the conference finals but the goal should have counted and Nashville was an 8th seed that was no where near as good as the pens and they put up a hell of a fight

  2. Im still cringing at that ref fucking up the Nashville goal. Reminds me of the Brett Hull goal…. team shouldnt have won that game and I think Nashville was supposed to win last night. They got fucked

  3. 2:23 was a goal, they need to fix that rule and let a review overturn that to a good fucking goal.

  4. Trashville fans can thank PK SUBBAN for this lose. He just couldnt keep his mouth shut, and got burnt by Haglin. Didnt even try after he seen Haglin coming up 2 feet behind him. He just stopped and gave up.

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