home Football Perisic to Manchester United! | Antonio Conte to quit Chelsea? | Transfer News Latest Premier League

Perisic to Manchester United! | Antonio Conte to quit Chelsea? | Transfer News Latest Premier League

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►Perisic to Manchester United! | Antonio Conte to quit Chelsea? | Transfer News Latest Premier League
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29 thoughts on “Perisic to Manchester United! | Antonio Conte to quit Chelsea? | Transfer News Latest Premier League

  1. Media. Media.

    Conte is not going anywhere. Chelsea will not announce any signing until first week of July wen their sponsorship deal is finalized…

  2. @ Alejandro Moreno, Costa played a very vital role the last two leagues chelsea won, that very tru n he gave all our opponents a very torrid time…
    The club will miss him.

    But there are issues here, he had a very bad attitude, in the field, out partially off the field. He kinda chanced early season wen A Madrid show no interest of resigning him and he had no way to go but stay. Conte gave him a chance to play but still he wasnt loyal to the club, this is evident wen he wanted to dump chelsea in the middle of the park, i.e in January. Remember everyone had to plead for him to stay including his fellow teammates. Every manager needs a player who is loyal n realible other wise the manager’s job is at risk…

    Costa must go…

    There are good replacements out there. Not taking anything away from Lukaku, but i would pick Morata instead. Batshauyi can also leave simply because the whole season, he failed to give costa competition. I would replace Batshuayi with Llorente. This way we good

    1. obrien mtetwa How did he fail to give Costa competition when the manager only played in the last 3 minutes of games he didn’t even get a chance to perform

    2. +Lamar Williams the thing is, if Batshuayi, was scoring and performing during training, conte would not risk his job playing a false 9, wen he gat a lethal centre forward on the bench.

      Manager field his first eleven basing on training performance. If Batshuayi was breaking his legs during training and showing determination, conte would have given him a chance wen Costa went thru a dry spell after january transfer rumour.
      I dont hate Batshuayi but its not Conte’s fault he couldnt play him. Batshuayi let us down there. He should go on loan if we cant sell him this transfer…

    3. +CFC 007 man you right, he score a very crucial goal as wel but he failed us last season. He should go on loan.

      Dont you thnk if chelsea gets a leathal centre forward like Llorente,whoeva is the main man wont take thngs for granted n play his heart out.
      We need competition there. See wat happens with willian and pedro, fab n matic.

    4. obrien mtetwa I agree, costa has played well for us ,but he was all ready too leave halfway through the season. But I don’t want lukaku anywhere near chelsea.Hes not a team player and he has one foot.Trust in conte,as you probably know he played in a charity match in Italy and scored a ha trick, but you can bet your life he was sorting out new players . chelsea till I die

  3. Was that background music broadcast over this show or has it been added by the uploader ? Either way, it’s bloody annoying – I want to hear what they’re saying.

  4. i bet any money Chelsea sack him this season. as they did so well last season as soon as they get knocked out of the champions league he’s gone. the owner sacks anyone who doesn’t live up to his standards

  5. Alondro Marino, you are paid to give analysis and your opinion. Your opinion can’t be I will keep Diego Costa that’s not what the viewers want to hear they want to hear in you’re opinion who is a center forward that you like? Not like for like, but in your professional opinion who Might Antonio Conte have in mind?

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