83 thoughts on “Pens repeat as Stanley Cup champions with 2-0 win

    1. kariolis_effect
      Before he went to the Penguins, he played over 900 NHL games but was never on a playoff team at all until this year.

  1. Im from England, and my love for Ice Hockey and the Pittsburgh Pens started about 20 yrs ago when i first played NHL 95 on the Super Nintendo! From then I’ve been to America and seen 3 NHL games live, something i never thought i would be able to do! So today for Pens to win back to back Stanley Cups, is an incredible feeling, and it makes me think, that all this, that my love for them and the sport started all on a little games console haha

    1. NHL 98 was my favorite hockey game. Gameplay was so damn good and not complicated and slow like today’s hockey video game.

    1. I appreciate the Sharks fans more than Preds fans to be honest. You guys booed but did not throw any drinks or anything on the ice after the Sharks lost to the Penguins.

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    1. scarycrazymann it’s like back to back is 2 ok. So that back to back would be 4

  2. The people complaining about the refs and the league rigging the game for Pittsburgh, I think we can all agree that the no goal for Nashville, probably should of counted. Now the call was a the right call and is what you’re supposed to call in the rulebook. However, the whistle was premature and was just a bad whistle by the ref. The pens got a lucky break there. However Nashville was gifted the rest of the game with unnecessary penalties the rest of the game, even a 35 second 5 on 3, now some of those may have been penalties, but Nashville did way worse in that game. People that blame the refs and scream “RIGGED” whenever the team they wanted to win doesn’t, are what ruin sports. Yes, I agree, the refs have been awful the entire playoffs and the whistle was premature, but I mean come on, the refs gave Nashville a break when they should of been given penalties and gifted them some power plays. Saying that the premature ONLY happened because they were playing the penguins is the most asinine thing you could say in this situation, the premature whistle happened because the ref lost sight of the puck, even though he should of waited a couple seconds. Anyway, sorry for my rant, I just hate people some time. Congratulations to the predators on a terrific playoff run and can’t wait to see how you guys do next season.

    1. +KYYC edits they cant though….its on the ref. Cant change the rule. Murray hears the whistle, him and several other guys stop playing. If there was no whistle, he wouldn’t have stopped and possibly stopped the goal anyway. You cant overrule it after the whistle is blown. Play stops, that’s it. I think it’s shitty what happened, but those the rules. And yes, those refs gifted the Preds crazy powerplays to compensate. So, just stop. The better team won.

    2. Jake Brodie the thing is, the play couldn’t have been stopped but any Pens players, Murray thought he had the puck the Pred who “scored” was all alone be Matta was looking for the puck

    3. Jake Brodie but you’re right… Pittsburgh earned this one. they were really resilient

    1. Jonathan McCormick If you’re trying to call that contact by Forsberg, interference, then you would surely have to agree that Daley pushed him into Murray, which would negate that interference call. Take off the Steigerwald colored glasses for just a minute, and try to see the truth.

    2. +tiny b No take off your Penguins hating glasses. Daley had nothing whatsoever to do with forsberg sticking his skate out to make contact with Murray’s pads and then all the motion after that, the motion that pulled Murray away, Daley was no longer touching him at all

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  3. Blowing power plays is one thing but getting that first goal and using that as momentum is killer in these kinds of games. You can point on non power play conversion yes but that first goal being taken away is murder.

    1. +Pix Burgh been saying the same thing in this video and multiple others. Murray was dragged away from skate of forsberg. Goal wouldn’t of counted anyway. But yet ppl are biased and see past it. Honestly dude I see now it’s like explaining physics to elementary kids not only is it pointless it’s impossible for them to grasp cos all they wanna hear n see I’d that refs whistle. Unfortunate

    2. EELLI1120 Spot on. thats all people will remember from this game and its almost irrelevant. Like seriously, no one wondered why Murray was facing backwards? Lol

    3. EELLI1120 Murray didn’t even make an attempt to play the puck, he knew the whistle had been blown and that the puck was technically frozen. He was pulled off but only because he hadn’t tried to stay in the crease after minimal collision with Forsberg.

    4. Campbell Kane well it’s not that like that first goal took away they’re chance of winning. It was still 0 – 0 after that goal was disallowed thus evening the playing field by default correct? Now that we have the default stablished. They were giving power plays and a 5 – 3, hit a few posts and were robbed by Murray a few times as well not to mention Nash was defeated 6 – 0 in game 5. Frankly. I knew the pens had it and they did not disappoint! Go pens!

  4. Congrats on your back to back Cups pens fans! Hopefully my Caps win one eventually.. 🙁

    1. Mr. BO55 sorry we beat you in that series Bruh XD no offense but Ovechkin can be a… well, you get the point XD

    2. +DINKY WINKY if you’re gonna insult someone just say what you gonna say. don’t start or end with no offense

    3. Mr. BO55 I don’t think you guys will ever win the Ovechkin era. The last year and this year was your best chance. Tampa Bay will be a contender once again if they stay healthy, Leafs will get better and better every year, Pens will still be contenders, other teams will be good as well.

  5. I would like to start off by saying Nashville you put up a hell of a fight and great series! I’m excited to see what you guys can do in the future! But now HELL YEA BOYS BRINGING THE CUP BACK TO THE BURGH! This team is like a family and made it so much sweeter to win! So proud of this group, History has been made!

    1. I would love to fight the Penguins next year in the playoffs!!!! — Detroit Red Wings

    2. Nashville is definitely i great hockey city, what an atmosphere down there. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the Stanley Cup in 2017, I have been saying all season long that Pittsburgh was the team to beat.

    3. Nathan Mcdonald
      both Nashville Predators and Edmonton Oilers will be a force of nature in the playoffs soon, young players determined to win cups. While blackhawks and Penguins are getting tired of winning cups and wouldnt want it as much as the other teams. Thats one of the many reasons blackhawks probably got swept this year. They just recently won 3 cups theyre not gonna be as enthusiastic about it as the predators.

  6. LET’S GO PEN5!!!!! Team of the era! Dynasty! What an amazing run(s) and series!

    The Pens aren’t done either. Not even close. And we love all of the haters. As they say, it’s all over but the whining (and tears).

    1. Jim B. The Pens already played the Blackhawks in a SCF back in ’92, but I’d love to see a modern rematch

    1. jay, how about the interference from Rinne that didnt get called? that was a missed call for pens to get a PP! Refs didnt call alot of things! No sight of puck=whistle! rules suck sometimes

    2. He interfered Hagelin after he deke him and went for wrap around and Rinne stuck his leg out to slow him down!

  7. another reason for Detroiters like me to not like the pens. WE WERE THE LAST TEAM TO GO BACK TO BACK! NOT ANYMORE

    1. @toaantan, The NHL has to exist before teams can win the Stanley Cup so therefore, after.

    2. Not true. The League was not formed and before that there were 6 teams. The Original 6. It was not yet called the NHL. Montreal was one of the Original 6 and back then winning back to back cups was far easier.

    3. I’m not sure what you mean by formed. The Origina Six were still the NHL. It started out as NHA, but that didn’t last long. Lord Stanley started in 1916, I believe. If you want to talk post-60’s or 70’s even, the Isles won four in the 80’s and the Oilers got 4 I think.

  8. Crosby isn’t even 30 yet, that being said, this is two straight years he was wrongfully given the Conn Smythe

    1. tiny b, unfortunately for Fleury, I don’t think he ever gets into the playoffs again. He’s likely to be the Knights franchise face.

    2. Chris Payne HBTW he deserved it. 1 point off of leading in points. With 1 game less. He led in points against Nashville. Malkin who led in points had 53 pm to crosbys 10. Crosby plays better defense than Malkin.

  9. There was nothing sweeter than breaking the hometown crowds hearts in front of them. They should leave the hockey to the real champs! They can stick to playing with catfish. Murray two shutouts, Crosby the GOAT! 🐐

    1. +SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress Yeah, I felt the exact same. I wanted the Pens to win the cup at home, but winning in Trashville was so damn satisfying.

  10. As a Pens fan, unfortunately this series will be forever tarnished by that early whistle. It’s a shame as this was a pretty good series overall. I’m willing to bet that for next year the rule will be changed to allow that goal to actually count going forward. It’s not the Predators fault that the ref who blew the play dead was completely out of position.

    1. Tom the way I see it, they had all game to get a goal and didn’t. One bad call early only doesn’t excuse the lack of capitalizing by the preds for the rest of the game.

    2. I was hoping the Pens would win game 6 because no matter how well they played if it went to game 7 it’s a toss of the coin if it goes badly for your team. Pens won 4-2 in a 7 game series. Preds got blown out in game 5. You have to prepare for bad breaks, otherwise you are left crying about being beaten. It sucks that happened in an elimination game, but thats why you don’t let it get to that point. There is no rule change that will take bad luck out of the equation. Make your own luck and capitalize on your chances.

  11. This victory just seems hollow when you consider the surrounding circumstances of that blown call earlier. I suspect that will leave an indelible stain on this game for many who will remember it, as it undoubtedly made a huge impact and single-handedly could have changed the outcome of the game. What a horrible way to end this series smh.

  12. Penguins,you deserved it! Nashville, you also played very well. Don’t worry, I know what it’s like to lose on home ice, being a Vancouverite in 2011 wasn’t really the best feeling ever,but you always have next year!

    1. 2EpicPeeps
      even so,i think that Pittsburgh worked a bit harder,both teams had pressure but i feel that Pittsburgh worked very very hard this year. it’s just my opinion,it might not be true

    2. Shubhdeep Kaur Gill No offense, but after your fellow Vancouverians’ (or w/e you refer to yourselves as) behaviors after their SC Finals losses in ’94 and ’11, the Canucks don’t deserve to win a Stanley Cup…..ever.

  13. Pittsburgh is built to beat these western conference teams who play with that heavy style. The only real difference between Nashville opposed to San Jose from last year is that the Preds have a more talented defensive core. Honestly I don’t see anything changing next season. The Pens toughest battles are in the east. Btw I guess all that talk about Toews having a better career than Crosby can finally be put to rest (sorry Hawk fans).

    1. TN Sports
      Do you watch the sport at all? Crosby gets treated like a piñata out there and people take cheapshots at him constantly. In no way does he get babied by the league and I promise you all that stuff is bias. Well at least now it is. He ditched the crybaby criticism several years ago.

    2. SuperTugz whatever you want to say but as long as you know deep down that Crosby TAKES cheap shots and should get penalized a ton but doesn’t, that’s fine

  14. Since Ottawa came the closest to beating the pens in the playoffs, you could make the argument that they’re in 2nd place

  15. Trashville fans are idiots. Plays are whistled dead all freaking season when the ref loses sight. How dumb are you? Plus..pretty bold to complain after the chippy play against St Louis..who was robbed for real. Not to mention how many power plays were handed out here…even a five on three. And how many pp did Pitts get?
    Stop whining. You lost. Classless hillbillies booing after the series is over. What a disgusting display.
    Thank god we don’t have to be forced to watch country singers again. Way to let them disrespect your regular singer…who deserves his time in the spotlight. What a shitty thing to do. How disrespectful. Seems to be the narrative of trashville. Crude, dead fish smelling hillbillies.

    1. Merry B Like your refs are better when Crosby was shoving PK’s head into the ice he didn’t call a power play

    2. Merry B Like your refs are better when Crosby was shoving PK’s head into the ice he didn’t call a power play

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