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Orlando Magic’s Top 15 Plays of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

Enjoy the top slams, buzzer beaters, and plays from the Orlando Magic during the 2016-2017 NBA season.

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53 thoughts on “Orlando Magic’s Top 15 Plays of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

  1. I’m so tired of being called a bandwagon fan. I’ve been a loyal die hard fan of Golden State since 2015. And the ONLY way that changes is if another team starts doing better.

    our channel has the funniest NBA lip readings! Check them out if you want to make your day better 😀

  2. It’s sad on how Orlando only have one Big 4 sports leagues team. I do wish that the NFL can go to Orlando. It could be in the NFC South or East because two of the teams in Florida are already in the AFC.

  3. east standings
    2.cavs(if Kyrie stays) if not wizards
    3.cavs(if Kyrie leaves)

    1. You gotta be stupid if you think Bucks and Heat finish before Raptors. Raptors have an improved version of last year’s team, so they have a legitimate shot for at least 2nd, which they did last year, as long as everyone stays healthy (Lowry got injured for a couple of months)

    1. rades gaming because we are a trash team and the fans are getting fed up with all this bs that has been going on since Dwight left

  4. You know the drill
    1.Aronn Gordon
    2.Devin Booker
    4. London Ball
    5. Derick Rose
    6.Zach LaVine
    7.KD( I’m Not A Fan)
    8.Russel Westbrook
    9.Darko Milic
    0.A Nets Fan

  5. Orlando’s future is looking bright!!! I can see us (#ORLANDOREPRESENTIN’) snagging a playoff spot in the near future #PACERS2018NBACHAMPS

  6. Stephen curry and Lebron James said
    LIL STROME is there new favorite rapper
    Look him up He’s actually Good !!!!

  7. So you’ve got a Point Guard who can’t shoot a three, a forward who can only dunk, and a Center who got bad because of Ibaka. Orlando stay dead.

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