45 thoughts on “Nolan Patrick drafted second overall by the Philadelphia Flyers

  1. I had Patrick going 1st but I really think he fits the Flyers culture. Great pick 👍🏻

    1. Meat Dragon Of course he fits the culture. Especially when they win the cup soon.

    1. Kapanen is not part of your “elite” group. And Liljegren was definitely NOT regarded as the best D after this draft, not sure what scouting report you’re looking at. He’s good, but there is a reason he slipped and it isn’t 100% because of mono.

    2. Actually it is because of mono, if you look at the draft pretty much like the top 10 picks took forwards, nobody really took defenders in the top 10, its really surprising that all the best defenders in this 2017 draft went outside the top 10 and yes it is a fact that Liljegren was projected as a top 5 even first overall pick before he got sick. Leafs could very well have drafted their own Erik Karlsson here, as we know Karlsson went 15th OV if I’m not mistaken to OTT

    3. He went down because of mono but it’s because his play on the ice suffered from it, pretty easy to figure out. Yeah he was projected top-5 A YEAR AGO. And trying to compare Liljegren to Karlsson? Dude. If any dman in this draft has a potential to be EK it’s Makar or Valimaki. Liljegren isn’t the same player he was before his mono, pretty sure all the scouts and GM’s knew that and that’s why he slipped. Only reason the Leafs chose him is because Foote/Valimaki/Brannstrom were gone right before, because they’re better.

    1. hextall stated after everything went down that nolan was their guy, although they’d be happy with either.

  2. Sanheim, Hagg, Morin, or Myers; none of these guys are like future Norris Trophy winner, Ivan Provorov.

  3. Even Oskar Lindblom should be used to help bring in atleast two ESTABLISHED NHL defensemen.

  4. It should be Filppula, this guy’s contract expires next year and he likely won’t be resigned (especially at 5 million a year).

  5. And even though Filppula is younger than me, in NHL years, he’s “getting older”.

    1. nolan already said he had hoped he went #2, even joked saying the media is gonna make him look bad now for that comment.

    2. Meat Dragon Nico Hischier cried when he was drafted by the Devils, not out of happiness; but sadness due to the fact he wanted to go to a real Original 7 hockey team like the Flyers.

    3. The Devils had three Stanley Cup parking lot “parades” within the last 22 years and are still a “Mickey Mouse Franchise” compared to the Flyers.

  6. I don’t think people realize how much talent the Flyers have. Lindblom, Konecny, Weal, Provorov, Ghost, Sanhiem, Hagg, Morin. Bottom six with Wiese, Raffl, Read. Plus don’t forget about Giroux, Voracek, Simmonds, Cotourier, Filppula. And now Patrick

    1. Flyers in good spot with The 2 spot while not being in Full Blown Rebuild in fact having Young Talent as you mentioned

    2. if Patrick becomes a Flyers Great I would like to point out how lucky we were. we were taken away chances bc of Vegas 13th worst chance to win also Had Patrick been just 4 days older he would be taken 3rd last year and at the same time again assuming he becomes one of the greats landed with the flyers because NJ was too scared about his injuries

    3. I was saying for a bottom six forward, those guys are basically above average. They’ve shown that they have skill in the past and depending who they play with they can produce at a fair rate being in the bottom six

  7. I have a feeling that this will be the guy who ends the cup drought for the Flyers one day.

  8. As a Devils fan i wanted him but can see why they took Nico you really can’t go wrong with either player but we already have Hall who is injury-prone can’t take a risk again and Devils still own the Flyers no matter how good or how much we suck lol good luck Patrick 🙂

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