home WWE Naomi vs. Lana – SmackDown Women’s Title Match: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Naomi vs. Lana – SmackDown Women’s Title Match: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Lana tries to shock the WWE Universe at Money in the Bank 2017 by mounting a strong attack on SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi. Courtesy of WWE Network.


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86 thoughts on “Naomi vs. Lana – SmackDown Women’s Title Match: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

    1. When her lipstick smeared and she went “Christian Joy” CRAY-ZAY near the end of the match, she showed more personality than all of the Raw women have since the roster shakeup (except Alexa Bliss).

    1. Jalen Nelson I wasn’t disappointed they didn’t get to she her full entrance tho 😩😐

    1. she should have cashed in that way Daniel Bryan and Shane can’t say or overturn anything since she already used her contract and won the title. That would have also kinda justified Elsworth grabbing the suitcase lol




    1. Definitely true A lot of people gave her no credit expecting her to be bout the same as Eva. She is well above that. All she needs is some polish and to stop screaming because that is going to get annoying fast.

    2. Not saying she isnt. All I was getting at is that she did better then the majority of people thought she would. In all honesty I think the fact that she is not on NXT where she would be provided an environment to improve to be a big concern. There is a very big chance she could end up like Dana.

    3. joseph cunningham she is just kinda average i think. she feels like a blonde cutout of aksana and i think she’ll be lost in the fold soon enough

    1. he’s not actually a women he’s a man that wasn’t suppose to be involved in the very first women’s Money In The Bank ladder match

    1. A&J REP!!! Lana has done nothing to be champ, people only want Lana as champ because of her looks. She’s not ready, she’s green asf. Naomi should have a long reign. she’s been waiting 8 years for it, let Naomi have her time. 💯💯💯

  2. Carmella should have cashed in so that Daniel Bryan can’t do anything about it on Smackdown.

    1. I think it would be awesome if she cashed in on a house show event that would be the ultimate anywhere-anytime cash in donejust by definition

    2. Na it would have been perfect, cuz it shows that Carmella used all her tricks and would have made her look even more smart, and badass while gaining massive heel heat.

    3. are you just saying that because tvtrax uploaded that video about cashing in at a house show?

    4. I been thinking about that for a couple years about a house show cash in, usually when MITB is near, but i did see that video and i disagree with solomonster about it, heck why not even on talking smack they cash in

    1. Daniel Cantrell um…. its bc I have never seen her wrestle. That and I’m 14 so…. your comment is not appreciated or appropriate at all

    1. BossDon_Arita it looks great she was paying homage to luna vachon she wears a similar outfit & Gray boots in her matches

    1. Captain Wrestling cause since Maria has been in WWE they had Mike take her name so people weren’t confused even though it was stupid and pointless

    2. Ethelion They’re heels it’s great heat they’ll be Annoying af trust me they’re heat magnets

    3. +Nary I know they’re heels – but it’s just as Captain Wresting and TheCam20 have said, it’s a head-scratcher and pointless, because his real name really is Mike Bennett. And yes, I also want Miracle Mike, but I guess WWE wants to use their own ideas instead for their co.

    1. Bray Wyatt Lana’s Booty > Naomi’s Botty >>>>>>> raw >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> boreley (bayley)’s face, botty, butt

    1. girard miranda naw she’s actually really good inside the ring plus she is hella sexy too

  3. im scrolling through the comments and like all the comments are about:

    2.4% of the comments are how Lana should’ve won.
    3.6% Naomi’s butt.
    94.9% Lana’s butt/ attire
    0.1% #EarlySquad!!!

  4. Smarks can’t say that Naomi is a bad champion now that she has defended the tile against 3 different people.

    1. Kevin Allen trust me they’ll find a way 😂😂 naomi can never impress them it’s total bs to me tbh

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