home Football Mourinho has to win the title next season for Man United or he might be sacked! | Lindelof profiled

Mourinho has to win the title next season for Man United or he might be sacked! | Lindelof profiled

►Mourinho has to win the title next season for Man United or he might be sacked! | Lindelof profiled
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25 thoughts on “Mourinho has to win the title next season for Man United or he might be sacked! | Lindelof profiled

  1. Do you think Mourinho has to win the title next season?
    Who do you want Man United to sign?
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  2. Mourinho and united fans are tired if u journalists. He came to succeed the team in this state. Out of 5 trophies he played for,he won 3 of the 5. What again can this man do. Instead he’s always been criticized even in his first season. I dislike This guy,why do u even ask for his opinion,clearly hes a derailed city fan…………He thinks he knows but trust me even a roadside wanker has better ideas than him.

    1. If dats the case I will ask u the number of times Ferguson won a treble.was only once,mostly was two he won a season. And even with the two, he did play the lesser competitions like Efl and FA cup with the bench squad,focused more on the premier league and champs league with the big boys which is why he was known for giving the academy players chance because they mostly played the lesser competitions and even with dat when we failed or got kicked out,he wasn’t criticized because he was Ferguson and we are united. But with mourinho,these wankers day in and day out are on his case looking for him to fail

    2. Junior Francis true. We are proud of Jose Mourinho . 3trophies 1season +Championsleague. We are not Chelsea . We are Utd . Journalists talk on Man city and Arsenal with Liverpool

    3. You mad these guys criticize City like hell . Just jealous of both the Manchester clubs

  3. ESPN has such cancerous analysts, they need to get there own profession learned before talking about others.

  4. First season with 2 trophy 🏆 and Champions league football come on, you think is not a good season really?

    1. Big D…it is hard to believe, isn’t it? You are right on the money: these guys are absolute fucking morons!

  5. You’re a clueless moron. We are not firing Mourinho. There’s no manager available that’s better than him. You know nothing about football. Mourinho needs to finish Top 3 or win the league.

  6. Why do you think that winning Europa is back door entrance to Uefa?? Liverpool had a chance to play in the Europa and Uefa last season by winning the League Cup or the Europa Cup respectively and they failed. United did it and its back door???? Logic???

    1. My complaint is that “winning Europa to go to Uefa’ is no easy task. Maybe Mou made it look easy, but surely Klopp found it hard to achieve last year. League is no easy task if you are playing on Thursdays. Not to mention that our competitors went out early in the competitions we were all in and Liverpool and Chelsea only had to play once per week. It wasn’t anything smart he said, it was logic. Had we were fortunate enough to win some of the underserved draws we had, I’m sure Klopp might have been sacked right now.

    2. Hmm. Ok but it seems like you’re saying united don’t deserve to be in champions league for winning europa? Still don’t understand your point here. They wouldn’t have sacked flop he’s liverpools only hope right now. They just needd a few decent defenders and they can challenge for the title. As for united yea if we get wins and not draws we win the league no question. I just don’t think moratoriums is going to be a consistent goal scorer. That’s what united lack.. time for mourhino to play the attacking style of football draws don’t win titles but yeah what is your logic exactly?

    3. Aww my point is, I don’t like it when these journalists say Man U qualified for Uefa through the back door. We qualified because we won the Europa and it is a proper route to Uefa. Well as for my thoughts on Morata, I think he will do the job a bit better than Zlatan. I like his mindset and the fact that Mou actually wants him. It’s important. Next season we will not draw as much I am sure. We will kill teams off early in matches. We need Fabinho, Perisic, James/Bale, on top of Lindelof and Morata, then hopefully bonus Chicharito.

    4. Ahh ok well said my dude. Bale would match up well with morata we need goal scorers. We done everything right last season but score goals. It was his first season and he done dam good considering how shattered united were. Don’t think we will get bale tbh idk if James would fit an he’s not a huge goal scorer but who knows. Hope we win league next season so mourhino can prove the doubters wrong

  7. part of me thinks ESPN are part of the United zeitgeist. It’s like they’re reading from a script of negativity just so fans react badly and create more talking points.

  8. you guys are clearly out of topics. mourinho will not be sacked even if he came 6th again.

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