home Football Morata & Belotti to Manchester United to replace Ibrahimovic | Did Mourinho make the right decision?

Morata & Belotti to Manchester United to replace Ibrahimovic | Did Mourinho make the right decision?

►Morata & Belotti to Manchester United to replace Ibrahimovic | Did Mourinho make the right decision?
►Ibrahimovic to leave Manchester United:
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52 thoughts on “Morata & Belotti to Manchester United to replace Ibrahimovic | Did Mourinho make the right decision?

  1. Is Morata a good replacement for Ibrahimovic?
    Who should Mourinho buy in the summer?
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  2. Finally, a video of these guys that didn’t make me want to throw my computer through the window 😂

  3. we are playing 442 Next season thats why we wanted Greaseball to Play number 10 role now i Guess we Will go for James too…the best signing has been keeping De Gea.i love it when yanks think they know It all about football its like Someone from Romania saying they know LeBron James is being transfered lol

    1. Niko Rubio english are actually 1 of the least knowledgeable about football, all we know is what skysport feed you
      how many english manager has won anything tangible not even epl, how many english player play abroad? how many players are world class?
      just cos you from England dont make you football genius, this mentAlity is why the FA and english fans are hated

    2. Hate to burst your bubble, but you are no footballing genius either. Just being English doesn’t make you any more knowledgeable than the next person. And by the way, in a 4-4-2 system there is no number 10. The two up top both play as strikers. Get back in your box, take the L and sit down.

    3. Monkey Sp4nkz goo learn difference between english and British then we can converse

    4. simmer. the classic united no. 10 was always in a 442. Van Nistelrooy and sheringham more poaches, hughes and rooney more of a supporting no.10 this dons talkin about.

    1. Steve Burzin if you know anything about football Chinese investment came in for Milan and have a 700 mill budget

    2. Tony The Milanisti milan have only 150 mill euro
      they gave up costa because of his wage demand

  4. I’m sorry but how can a host of a football show like this not know how to say the word “Alvaro”?

  5. Just a heads up the prem takes ‘good in other league’ players and make them look like shite.

    1. Yes and it became a better player is was world class notice I said good in other league. If you work hard in the Prem you can still be a good player but the Prem has the most competitive teams in the world with less time on the ball.

    1. ted p lool believe it or not that is a factor when it comes to United. Can’t market an ugly player unless they’re a star.

  6. Morata is not a flop. He just didn’t have a game time at Madrid, he always was a surplus. Really Good move from Jose..

  7. I’d still sign both of them because United always win with two strikers up front. With two strikers up front, they can always rotate with Martial and Rashford. That way, they avoid fatigue and injuries.

  8. What the hell is with the three pundits being 2 Scots and 1 American?! Are all the Englishmen in prison or…

  9. Why would the top players come to the 6th best club in England going from winning there leagues and champions league to winning the league cup and Europe Cup 2 Mimi mouse trophies 😂 Man U can not even finish 4th yet alone win the league

  10. Zlatan is a legend in one season,United should have signed him 5-6 years ago when Rooney was giving problems and SAF bought Injury prone RVP

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