52 thoughts on “MLB Unbelievable Plays

    1. FluffyXLIV I truly dislike bonds for cheating, but he had a sweet swing and a good eye. He still would have hit upwards of 400 Homer’s without the steroids.
      the steroids don’t make the pitches slow down, they don’t help you keep your eye on the ball, and they don’t change your natural swing. All they do is give you more pop and speed in your bat. They are cheaters, but they still had to be quite talented to make it to the MLB level.

    2. Kyo T bonds is my least favorite player of all time, but he would have easily hit 400-500 homers. Maybe even 600. He was good, steroids or not.

    1. VinFTW Yes, he is better than I will ever be. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is a terrible defensive shortstop in comparison to the average MLB shortstop.

  1. All these comments bitching about not seeing certain plays in this videos. Get over yourselves you spoiled brats yall are lucky this guy even goes out of his way to make these videos for you unappreciative pricks

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