52 thoughts on “MLB Unbelievable Plays

    1. Jason Sutton First career HR for a guy who is in his 40’s and a shitty hitter in his career.

    1. lcrossmk8 you’re kidding right? If not don’t respond cause that has to be the dumbest comment ever mad

    2. lcrossmk8 let me throw ya a couple names and tell me which one should be in the hof, ty Cobb, Ricky Henderson, and Gary sheiffield, tell me?

  1. That Donaldson play was cool! Anytime someone sacrifices their well-being to make the play you know the game is really important to them.

    1. Declan M. Olson well they are getting paid to do it so if they don’t try to make good plays then they will be cut

    1. Yeet Money Killa he still cheated though. if he didn’t use steroids he would have hit less than 100 homers in his career

    2. FluffyXLIV I truly dislike bonds for cheating, but he had a sweet swing and a good eye. He still would have hit upwards of 400 Homer’s without the steroids.
      the steroids don’t make the pitches slow down, they don’t help you keep your eye on the ball, and they don’t change your natural swing. All they do is give you more pop and speed in your bat. They are cheaters, but they still had to be quite talented to make it to the MLB level.

    3. Kyo T bonds is my least favorite player of all time, but he would have easily hit 400-500 homers. Maybe even 600. He was good, steroids or not.

  2. Great plays, but for part 2, add Dewayne Wise’s perfect game saving catch. THAT was unbelievable.

    1. I still find myself shaking my head. Not that I can’t believe it, but because it was incredible.

    1. VinFTW Yes, he is better than I will ever be. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is a terrible defensive shortstop in comparison to the average MLB shortstop.

  3. Wow, that Bonds HR was unbelievable. Who would have thought that if you did a ton of steroids you could hit more HRs?

    1. Alec Baldlose even with out the roids he hit more than 40 home runs in a season

  4. That thumbnail of Bryce Harper looks like he just saw the clip of his “Famous helmet throw”

  5. All these comments bitching about not seeing certain plays in this videos. Get over yourselves you spoiled brats yall are lucky this guy even goes out of his way to make these videos for you unappreciative pricks

    1. FlyingVHockey shits on the ground, he picks it up, PUTS IT IN HIS MOUTH AND EATS IT!!! MY OH MY FLYINGVHOCKEY DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

  6. You know its gonna be a good video because Bryce Harper is doing something besides arguing with the ump

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