40 thoughts on “MLB Pitchers Hitting Doubles

    1. Dustin Maitre he didnt deserve to die but that was last September just forget about it. not trying to be rude

    2. AnthonyZ1234567890da wtf is your problem, doing drugs doesn’t mean you deserve to die. Your mom is on crack but does she deserve to die? Oh wait, yes she does

  1. again, and I know I’ve said it before, great premise on the videos but please stop cutting them off in mid-sentence or mid-word. my OCD is driving me nuts with that

    1. Luke Cecere look I’ll say, Jose Fernandez’s death was sad, it’s not ur fault, but I think this RIP Jose and Ventura crap is annoying so let’s just move on and keep loving baseball

  2. 3:06!! My question is why was Jose Fernandez ( a starting pitcher) playing in the 12th inning. Who lets there pitcher pitch 12 innings!

    1. Akhai Aponte idk the real story, but sometimes the bullpen gets stretched thin so they bring in a starter. His spot came up, but they didn’t want him to come out of the game, so they had him bat.

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