29 thoughts on “MLB Best Defensive Players Part 2

    1. baseball is life Yeah he is so underrated period. He great on the field and at the dish!

  1. Stephen Piscotty? Christian Yelich? Jonathan Villar? Carlos Correa? Paul Goldschmidt? Hanley Ramirez? Jason Kipnis? Man sporting videos really failed

    1. Rolen Driscoll Molina? He’s not very good anymore. Below league average in catching runners stealing

    2. Windy Wrigley Highlights he isnt below league average in CS%, but a reason why he is so good is because he has control of the running game. Statistically speaking, stealing a base is bad compared to not stealing it. In 51 games behind the dish, only 38 people have attempted to steal against him. he has the most innings as a catcher, and the only person with less attempted base stealers with a similar amount of time played is Martin Moldanado, with 36 attempts. he is one of the best defensive catchers of all time

  2. You missed like half of the best defensive players. And you didn’t show enough Javi Baez highlights. #RIP16

  3. Adam Jones needs to be in part 3, he hoses people and makes unbelievable catches, tulo also

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