home NFL Mitchell Trubisky’s First Career TD Pass Goes to Victor Cruz! | Broncos vs. Bears (Preseason) | NFL

Mitchell Trubisky’s First Career TD Pass Goes to Victor Cruz! | Broncos vs. Bears (Preseason) | NFL

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky ends his perfect touchdown drive against the Denver Broncos with a toss to veteran wide receiver Victor Cruz.

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73 thoughts on “Mitchell Trubisky’s First Career TD Pass Goes to Victor Cruz! | Broncos vs. Bears (Preseason) | NFL

    1. Lee Da Vinci bruh it’s literally the 3rd string defense of the broncos vs the 2nd string offense. I’d like to see trubisky against their 1st string D. Now there won’t be flaming arrows now would there?

    2. AsaFestejo, he was putting up dots on a mix of first and second stringers when he came in, during the first quarter with like two minutes on the clock

  1. Trubisky and Webb>Watson

    Come at me Texans fans

    1. Speedy Crunch rings are a team achievement u put Aaron on that team and they’ll have more rings

    1. Everyone calm down it isnt that serious lmfao. I didnt think I’d get so much salt from posting a minor comment

    2. DryAssChicken well we were using 3rd string offense and defense too yet we still scored plus we didnt go 0-22

    1. Tahjae Ivey ok bud look I don’t know who you root for but you certainly aren’t a bears fan we haven’t had a good quarterback preformance since Jim macmahon

  2. Trubisky is literally so good. Dude is the best QB to ever wear a Bears uniform (besides me ofc)

    1. I remember when they said the same thing about Prescott
      That it was just pre season… now granted he may have a slump and may never come close to the same season he had ever again, but dam he sure was great when everyone said to pump the brakes.

    2. OperationIZ nah we were mad because we traded a lot to move up 1 pick, he would’ve been there at #3

    1. Probably not because we don’t want him thrown into the fire. Let him sit back and develop. Don’t wanna have I’m deal with media pressure or BSPN

    1. Jay Cutler you mean divorce because you’re married to her

  3. Funny how we all used to think that he was the worst mistake for the Bears in the draft and he will turn out to look like a legend in a few years…

  4. Man it hurts seeing that salsa for another team but to many of the Giant fans myself included you’ll always be a New York Giant

    1. scott clark I’m happy he’s doing well will always root for Vic unless he’s playing us

    1. Derrick Bruno yep!!! He gonna prove peoples wrong for being a bust #1 QB draft, that what gonna happen? ??

    1. RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Going against 2nd and 3rd stringers doesn’t show how good Mitch is, bro. Glennon and Mitch are gonna get tore up on week 1 after watching Atlanta and their first team defense tonight..

  5. Trubisky has looked better than the other rookie QBs. Now all that’s left is Mahhomes. Maybe the Bears made a good choice drafting this kid.

    1. CardsFan 21 I would have been better but they wasted so many mid rounders to trade up one spot and I don’t even think the niners were gonna take him but if he keeps playing like this is don’t matter

    2. Mahomes is RAW. If Andy Reid has a few more years to work with him, he’ll be special. Mahomes threw the ball 80 yards at his pro day and the strongest arm in the league, Stafford can only throw 75.

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