home WWE Mike & Maria Kanellis arrive with the “power of love”: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network)

Mike & Maria Kanellis arrive with the “power of love”: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network)

Mike & Maria Kanellis used the spotlight of WWE Money in the Bank 2017 to introduce the "power of love" to the WWE Universe. Courtesy of WWE Network.


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90 thoughts on “Mike & Maria Kanellis arrive with the “power of love”: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network)

    1. BossDon_Arita someone tweeted at Anderson and he was like “What?!😲”

  1. Alexa, Liv, Maryse, Lana, and now Maria returns! Truly the greatest woman’s divison of all time 😍

    1. Joker Gaming Even Stephanie McMahon her rivalrys were iconic when she stepped into the ring or just a manager she was one of baleys heros to growing up

    1. EC3 was something in WWE an nxt rookie Ha Ha remember those wonderful moments with all those backstage antics, as for lax they are just a team combined with new and old members just a way to recapture whatever glory tna had, tna is just a trash pit full of great talent and well a formula that matches up well with what wwe did in the past( I know you may say that well you only have one way of presenting a show and your some what right but from what I have see they have reused things similar to what wwe did I thought they would do their own spin on a wrestling show like so many companies do

  2. Funny how the Bellas arent on TV and suddenlu Maria is back. Gonna be awkward when these 2 feud with cena and nikki

    1. James Wilson
      Yeah There Will Be A Real Life Shoot Backstage Fight Between Maria And Maryse And The Bella Twins

    2. +RuthlesAgressionSimba!!! All we need is Melina back and we got BitchMania’s main event

    1. If they were still on smackdown yeah. The best we’ll get now is them vs Carmella and James

    1. Josh Trujillo I think you’re just bias because that gimmick was pretty much what bobby roode’s glorious gimmick is now and it’s super over with fans

  3. I love the gimmick. There are too many cocky heels and this is great. Give it a chance.

    1. This gimmick could be great if they tone it down a little. But they’re acting like a genuine couple (they are) not normal ones but the people that make you feel uncomfortable

    1. Charles Bertie I will not let what you said effect me because life goes on and I have to manage to keep on keeping on

    1. World Wrestling Universe Just sit back and stare at the glory known as The Booty of Kenellis… EAT IT IN MAAANNN.

  4. Alright it’s cool that WWE stole her from TNA but can they Steal Evan Bourne back too. Dude was amazing.

    1. Northstar Kole try to find it there’s a video that Evan said no to the 205 offer from wwe
      and wwe didn’t steal him his contract expired

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