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Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

At WWE Money in the Bank 2017, Sami Zayn becomes a one-man wrecking crew in his bid to become the next Mr. Money in the Bank. Courtesy of WWE Network.


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84 thoughts on “Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: WWE Money in the Bank 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. The only 2 superstars that logically needed this briefcase were Corbin and Zayn, everyone else were only involved in this match just to get more people watching MITB

    1. Thoroughly disagree. First, Nakamura could’ve used it to get the title in the near future. It looks to me they’re planning on Nakamura being another AJ Styles. What I mean is, they started Styles out in that feud with Jericho when he joined the WWE rather than shooting him straight into the title picture. I imagine they’re doing something similar with Nakamura which is just plain wrong given who he is (he’s basically the Japanese equivalent of Brock Lesnar). Having the briefcase would’ve made Nakamura look more like the monster he really is. Secondly, Ziggler also could’ve also used it. The dude is one of the most talented and underrated superstars on the roster currently. Why the hell he’s a ultra-jobber these days I have absolutely no idea at all. He definitely could’ve used the briefcase just to get his name out there again. And finally there is nothing wrong with Styles getting the briefcase either. He’s one of the most talented stars in the entire world and he absolutely should have several more WWE championships over the rest of his career.

      If there was one guy who actually didn’t need it, it was Owens. Mainly on the grounds that he’s already US champ and he doesn’t even deserve having that. Just look at how stale his Universal Championship run was – Jericho and Strowman pretty much stole the entire spotlight.

    2. Suzuki-Gun #Ichiban actually I think there should have been three people who needed it which was Sami Zayn baron Corbin and Ziggler but mostly zayn

    3. no Corbin and Zayn needed it more then Ziggler cause at least he’s been world champ before

    1. He will be champion one day. He doesn’t need to be it right now, but he’ll become one for sure

  2. Nakamura: too early
    Ziggler: no way
    Zayn: can’t see it
    KO: US Champ (doesn’t need it)
    Styles: doesn’t need it
    Corbin: the best choice

    1. If Zayn is boring with no mic skills, Corbin puts everybody to sleep because he’s the dullest.

    2. “too early” lmao nope. And the guy that can’t wrestle and the personality of s dead chicken is the best choice?

  3. Shinsuke Nakamura VS AJ Styles WrestleMania 34 Book it mr I like big sweaty guys.

  4. I can’t wait till Baron Corbin saves the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

    1. Matthew packham Overrated? Hell No This Is His 1st Opportunity To Get A Title. You Should Be On the List Cause Your A Stupid Idiot

  5. Corbin wins but don’t let that dishearten you that was a hell of a match and probably one of my favourite MITB matches

    Hats off to all.

    1. Dude Corbin is good he just needs to work on his mic skills, btw this wasn’t the best ladder match in my opinion it had some great spots in it but it wasn’t the best

    2. Aidan Maples and also the fact he could get better in the ring and like you sayed his Mic skills I think he could be a better heel to cash in the mitb breifcase once he’s at that level I think he will be great

    1. TraPeZoid he nearly won the number 1 contenders match for backlash but the sigh brothers intervened giving jinder the win

    1. hhh hhh Because he is the most logical choice along with Sami. but after he has lost all of his big matches, it aint right to push him from top to bottom

  6. – John Cena returns, begins feud with Jinder
    – John Cena beats Jinder for title
    – Baron Corbin cashes in on John Cena
    Just a thought..

  7. who else is waiting for the butthurt styles and nakamara fans

    1. +deadboy64 Did you watch any of his matches with kalisto?

      His character is monster/opportunistic heel. The one example you can give as a bad match is WM 33.

    1. Isaiah Shannon I’m pretty sure everyone that actually knows real wrestling talent would know that he is one of the most underrated current wrestlers

    2. Snake Eyes He has skills. Good moves. Always has a pop. Doesnt look like a tank. Can sell moves. Only thing is that lately WWE are making him look like a 10year old.

  8. Do you know… i remember a day… a day where Sami zayne was in NXT , where i thought he has a good Future in the WWE…

    Vince “LOL, nice joke”

    *Picks up shovel , * looking very aroused

    1. Except he always looks really really good? Remember that guy who won the 2004 rumble, Benoit? I’m sure Zayn can have the same storyline, where he’s the underdog for so long, then he starts picking up wins and such.

    2. next year rumble sami will win i bet this he will face roman i can bet this coz roman will be heel champ and heyman guy

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