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Memories: Rangers win the Stanley Cup after 54 years

On June 14, 1994, the New York Rangers ended their 54-year Stanley Cup drought after defeating the Vancouver Canucks on home ice

16 thoughts on “Memories: Rangers win the Stanley Cup after 54 years

    1. Kamil Świerczek Islanders fan in guessing, seeing that since 94′ you got 1 Playoff series win, I wouldn’t be talking.

    2. Harrison Winterberg No Devils fan since Your cup win we got 3 cups and 5 finals appearances what did you get? 1 final appearance. Yes my team is really bad right now but your team is not much better either with future not looking bright while my Devs have 1st overall pick (luckily) and time to get back stronger.

    3. Kamil Świerczek I’ll give you the Finals stuff, I can’t argue stats. But to say the Rangers aren’t much better is a joke. You have the first overall pick, we have the 23rd, just think about that, you guys were 3rd worst in the league, not even close to as good. The Rangers actually do have a good future, people don’t see that, they see Lundqvist and Nash and think we’re old as hell, sorry but Lindberg, Hayes, Skeij, Holden, Vesey, Miller, Fast, Kreider, and Zibanjad are all under 25 except Kreider who’s 26, and sorry but McDonagh, Zucc, Grabner, and Stepan are all under 30, still got 4 good years. Lundqvist, Nash and Staal are the only real “old” ones, and the Rangers have tons of goalie prospects, and as you can see with Raanta and Talbot, we can put alot of people back there and still have starting skill. Sorry but the Rangers aren’t done yet, we still got good years in us.

  1. Only four more years until the blues and leafs tie up for the greatest drought. Let’s go blues…….. sorry Toronto.

    1. guess it from my avatar. I know this one was coming. salty rangers fan who’s gonna start mocking arizona, when I just said what is true. New york Rangers is the worst Original Six team. isn’t that right? I think it’s.
      I know upcoming comments 😀 az worst team in the league and bla bla bla :)(but they have nothing with the original six)

    2. from best to last, i think it would go habs, leafs, wings, bruins, hawks, then rangers

    3. Eric Lopes Seeing that Canadian teams had such high advantages and Chicago Boston and Detroit were owned by bigger management and had more money, and could get better players, obviously the Rangers wouldn’t be the best. Until around the late 70s the NHL was completely unfair, the Candian players could only play for Canadian teams. Hence 24 Cups for the Habs, and 10+ for the Leafs. There was also no draft or cap, so richer teams like the bruins, wings, and Hawks could sign all the good players, the Rangers had a huge disadvantage up until lots of rules were implemented. They were completely underdogs for decades. So yes, they were the worst original 6.

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