28 thoughts on “Memories: Bourque wins the Stanley Cup after 22 years

    1. Yea, remember when Ray was like “Poor Boston, they never win anything- I’ll bring the Cup to them!”

      …and they’ve won pretty much every Championship in every sport ever since lol…

    1. Wow… Just for that, as an Avs fan- Steve Moore was a POS and Bertuzzi got a bad wrap. (I feel that way regardless, but hate conceding that point to Canucks fans lol)

    1. It probably helped that Boston has won pretty much a pro championship per year since… Including the Bruins and even more anticipated, the Red Sox (twice, including sweeping my Rockies lol)

    1. IKR. These caliber of Avs fans definitely aren’t flocking to The Can any longer. in fact the Blackhawk and Red Wings games are downright infuriating home games for the visitors lol.

    2. GrassValleyGreg, I’ve went to a blackhawks game at Pepsi center, and there were just about three times as many Blackhawk fans as there were Avs. It sucked

  1. I have to say I love it when a longtime NHL player like Bourque plays season after season without winning the Cup, but then in his final season, he does and ends his career on a high note.

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