76 thoughts on “Meet Lonzo Ball

    1. Edward Cortez Dang man you just like to act like the victim when you were the one being a grammar Nazi, man that’s screwed up.

    1. Jayfish5 the g.e exactly & he uses bots cuz his comments are never funny

    1. Cavs are the underdogs when they are up against the warriors… Do you even know what the term underdog is in a matchup lol? Then you bring up the 2011 when Miami first formed, I still think 2 playoff first round losses are worse.

    2. BK Cavs: 3 stars, Warriors: 4 stars, oh wow big difference. that doesnt make them an underdog

  1. I don’t care what anyone says about him, he’s going to be a future MVP no doubt about it

  2. Lonzo ball is gonna be trash in the NBA I’m 100 percent sure he is gonna get bullied

    1. Faid Abdulle You know if he starts off as trash, he can come back the next season and ball out

    2. +Jamie Nesbitt Let him go against Antetokounmpo then. I’m gonna laugh so hard when he gets smashed.

    1. Shannon Hutchinson You mean when blacks weren’t even allowed to play? Get over yourself.

    2. Shannon Hutchinson If whites ruled the NBA half the NBA legends we know today wouldnt exist. There would be: No MJ, No Magic Johnson, No Hakeem, No Patrick Ewing, No Bill Russell, No Scottie Pippen, No Elgin Baylor, No Wilt Chamberlain, No Kobe, No Shaq, No Allen Iverson, No Denis Rodman, and no Dr.J

    1. Kyle Wowry Kyle Lowry isn’t even good, so I can’t call him overrated πŸ˜‚.

    1. Buckets !!! Yea hyped him but everyone gonna pass til the cavs show up like waaaaaaa. I need him asap goneeee

  3. If Magic doesn’t pick him, I’ll make HIV jokes for an entire year. I’m positive about that

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