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Meet every Money in the Bank winner

From Edge to Carmella, meet every WWE Superstar that climbed to new heights and won the Money in the Bank contract.
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88 thoughts on “Meet every Money in the Bank winner

    1. Mohit Bhandari your comment just got 700 likes, your welcome. I was the 700th like BTW

    1. Siddhant Shrivastava if u dont know the story dont talk clearly punk didnt mis behave & one day he will return if hogan, brett , warrior return then so can CM PUNK

    2. Then here’s what u guys need to do. Stop watching any WWE show and tell everyone to do the same. Make the ratings fall so down that WWE has no choice but to call back Punk. I know how and y Punk left the company so unless the WWE is in dire straits, they wont be making a call to Punk.

    3. Siddhant Shrivastava punk doesnt need wwe & neither does wwe need him but im just saying he will return one day just like bret, hogan & warrior did

    1. Sam Roberts and the guys who do the Gorilla Position Podcast. Liked the PPV and I am pretty you are one that lives in a delusional world you live in and you can’t enjoy good TV. Every match on the PPV was good and the people. Who should of won and won their matches. The main event was a very good match.

    2. +PirHassanG YT: The only bump from the top of the ladder in the MITB on Smackdown was Ellsworth from the top of the ladder, the women barely used the ladders as weapons and they were basically half way up if they got pushed off. Probably the worst mitb match I can remember off the top of my head.

    3. Kieron I agree. Becky took the hardest bumps by getting hit with a chair and Carmella took the least and weakest bumps, if she took any at all. I don’t understand why they’re intent on pushing women who can’t take bumps like the other women (Alexa, Carmella, etc.)

    4. +Jessica Harley Rabbit Quinn I don’t think it’s the women not wanting to bump because we’ve seen them to table spots and Charlotte occasionally does pretty risky moonsaults to the outside and so on. This is completely speculation but I think it’s probably the people in the back limiting what they’re allowed to do in these matches which is a shame because this match could’ve and should’ve been so much better.

    1. Windy City Heel Top 5 Cash Ins
      1. Seth Rollins
      2. Edge (“06)
      3. Dolph Ziggler
      4. Dean Ambrose
      5. CM Punk (“08)

      Honorable Mentions
      The Miz
      CM Punk (“09)

    1. PonchoBas why wouldn’t they, it’s wwe history, they can’t just skip over anyone

    1. Morgan Dey it wasn’t funny because feminist got butt hurt like they always do

    1. cm punk was the first to win 2 money in the bank matches edge just beat Mr Kennedy in a one on match for the briefcase

  1. I like how the WWE give Cm Punk like a 1 second clip of him winning while everyone else have a few seconds.

    1. The electrifying phenom Who won the 1990, 1991, 2004, 2008, 2013 Royal Rumbles ? I can’t see their names ? 😂

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