53 thoughts on “Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour: Los Angeles Press Conference Highlights

    1. Anyone who pays $100 for this scam is crazy! Total money grab, so Floyd can make another 150 million.

    1. He’d only be scared if it were an mma fight. This is a total money grab, a scam. Real boxing fans should save their money for Sept.16th. A REAL fight!

  1. Floyd was so petrified talking nonsense. Conor got a new son, and he’s name is Floyd.

    1. 100 million dollar check that no other fighter has even seen in their career,not 1 in all combat sports.

    2. Great so by your logic bill gates could murder floyd because he has more money? HURRR DEERR DERR HURR

    3. *No athlete has ever seen that* I’m pretty sure that’s a first in all sports and I’m from a solid bball and Soccer background, not ronaldo either but I remember when that Floyd guy was active he was above ronaldo so didnt surprise me

    1. are you dumb? hes talking about when they were face to face, his mic was muted, not during the sit down. Idiots.

  2. hey set Conor and Dana up. They botched his walkout, they caught them off guard with speeches that they themselves prepared for, the Showtime and MGM officials kept underhandedly putting Conor down, they cut Conor’s mic when he tried to reply, they pit mics on Floyds cheering section (which you can hear when one girl chanted by herself

    1. Well Floyds gonna “own” Conor in every presser if this is how they are. He’s gonna speak second at every one of them and Conor will have his mic cut over and over so he can’t respond. Let ANYBODY go second and allow no comebacks and they’ll own anybody simple as. Floyd has stacked the deck in his favour soooooooooooooooo much here.

    2. hes talking about when they cut conors mic when they were face to face giraffe juice, not when they were talking by themselfs, you idiot

    1. Islam is the only real religion left. All the rest have been changed. The stuff about cousins this and that in funny because your own royalty in the UK has done it for centuries. That is Culture not relgion. For example the tribes all over the world used to marry into the same tribe for thousands of years way before you finally got an Internet connection. Everyone says how wonderful and educated those people were when they made huge pyramids, used telescopes to predict the movement of the sun and moon etc. Everything is propaganda against Islam. Its done so you are desensitised to the slaughter of human beings. Hitler did the same in Germany, but obviously its a new era now. Remember one thing though. Not matter how hard you try, you cannot silence the truth. The truth is clear for some and not for others. Bottom line.

    2. In regards to killing innocents. These guys are trolling. If they really loved their religion they’re actual study it. They’re lost. They don’t know what they’re talking about. I bet they didn’t even wake up for Fajr.

  3. For those saying Mayweather won this conference, he can hardly string a sentence together…

    1. Tyson 1 why you surprised where do you think mcgregor got his trashtalking from? mayweathrr been doing it from the start but these casuals only notice it when one of their priveledged white people do it

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