37 thoughts on “Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour: Los Angeles Faceoff

    1. mcgreggor will win.. idk why ppl doubt him, when he wins, it just bosts his ego more lol

    2. Items that are penisified. you are pretty stupid to be fair. would Ronaldo beat LeBron James in a game of basketball? same thing.

  1. The whole thing was rigged in favor of Floyd. Shows who has the control of the event. Conor didn’t get a chance to respond.

    1. Johann W ELB Agreed Conor didn’t he know he had to give a speech like wtf? You think that Floyd didn’t know that beforehand. It’s like boxing and mayweather productions are doing everything to try to take Conor out of his element and protect Floyd plus turning off his mic. It was BS

    2. It’s only a matter of time until they have to exchange words properly. That’s gonna be a presser worth watching!

    1. This is impossible to Macgregor. Mac is a UFC fighter. MAYWEATHER is a LEGEND Of boxing.

  2. The fact that all Mayweather did was cuss a lot and that they cut off McGregors mic shows that boxing is a fucking joke😂 I’m so glad Conors gonna knock out this bum in 4 rounds.

    1. Kid Dynamite Boxing and MMA is different With Boxing u gotta wait for the right time to punch and knock out and Dodge n weave

  3. Dana’s face looks like a frog, so much eating junk and physically dead active.
    For God sake do some 15 minutes cardio in the morning and eat right if you claim to belong to an athletes circle.

    1. He is supposed to represent the image of the athletes he steals from.That is the least he could do for them.

  4. Cutting off the mics, especially Conor’s mic, is like saying, “nah, we don’t really want to sell as many pay-per-views as possible.”

    Conor is a fight selling machine. Cutting off his audio is moronic.

    1. Sohaib Ahmad dana white released the audio. floyd says the same thing over and over while conor tells him hes gonna pretty much kill him

  5. Mayweather-“Look at all the money we’re about to make off these fools”
    Mcgregor- “Im never gonna have to fight again”
    Mayweather- “Thanks for another high pay day”
    Mcgregor- “I love you”
    Mayweather- “I love you too baby”.

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