52 thoughts on “Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour: Conor McGregor Chats with Megan Olivi

    1. John Davis because he had nothing to say.. He only rehearsed his speech for the podium why do you think he brought that cheque.. And it was probably a photocopy cheque anyways.

    1. TerraFirma young sound engineer, don’t believe everything you hearπŸ˜‚bit of a coincidence that it was McGregors mic and not mayweather, take a seat lad

    2. TerraFirma if you actually believe it was a ‘young sound engineer’ then you are a gullible twat smh

  1. Conor would’ve roasted that bald midget if they wouldn’t have cut off his god damn mic

    1. HP15 No one has that record, no one, he’s just like a living god walking in the octagon… πŸ˜‚

    2. Hugh G. Rection “GOD DON’T MAKE MISTAKES BUT HE ONLY MADE ONE THING PERFECT” Floyd Dopey Mayweather

    1. Yes thats what winning looks like!!! Not Charlie sheen on the roof of some place probably a clinic or sumthin holding a machette drinking supposed tiger blood with titers in his blood oh man ill never forget that pic πŸ˜€

    2. I’m 5’9′ i’m Mexican, packing 7 inches of deluxe chorizo. Shiet, i might have a shot. It’d probably help if I was 4’11’ tho.

    1. Rodrigo its lonely up here in 2nd place where are u man i cant see FlorminenCE anywhere….. LDU E CAMPEAO DA COPA LIBERTADORES 2008!! OU FLUMINENSE NAO TEM MUNDIAL!!

    1. He was also there at the solo press conference of Mcgregor, screaming and shouting to Mcgregor the whole time, Cocky SOB.

    2. It suits Conor, not a 65 year old man intervene his son (age 40 btw)Β while trash talkin.

    1. Dikhed smithy wrong I was there. alot of his fans around me were pointing and repeating that whole “easy work” thing to him. but overall the crowd was more on conors side!

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