39 thoughts on “LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal Career Dunk Off

    1. Kobe only has 5 rings because of Shaq if you ask me Shaq>Kobe Lebron> Shaq and Kobe but everyone needs to give more credit to one of the greatest lakers ever Shaq

    1. Yep. Shaq won finals MVP of all 3 finals they won, including a season MVP in that stretch. Kobe wasn’t the go to guy until his 9th year in the league. The year Shaq left and and didn’t win another title until year 13.

    2. Ravens Spurs Bayern Munich Fan OFCOURSE !! Hahaha 3 finals MVP to 2 finals MVP .. cmon now .. THATS EASY !

    1. elisha segal
      They felt sorry that he wasn’t a better dunker so they gave him his block highlight

    2. That’s his only clutch play from the last moments of the last championship game. If he hadn’t missed that dunk, they’d have put it instead.

  1. LeOverrated: 7 points in the second half. 1/7 threes. 3/7 freethrows. 4
    turnovers. lmao. Most overrated and overhyped player in NBA history.

    1. Randy Bobandy Bobanis You are getting carried away by a game but that was what happened in the last final against GSW more than 20 points per game but rebounds and assists gave a block to iguodala that could give the advantage to GSW and realized a triple-double in the Game 7 and encesto 41 pts 2 games in a row in the final it is clear that lebron always does his work in playoffs

  2. Lebron will beat this larriors team, have no doubts nor fears. He’ll send KD back to okc and go #b2b, cavs are in a minor slump.

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