home WWE Lana infuriates SmackDown Women’s Division with Twitter post

Lana infuriates SmackDown Women’s Division with Twitter post

Days before Lana challenges Naomi for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Money in the Bank, she starts multiple fights on Twitter.
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73 thoughts on “Lana infuriates SmackDown Women’s Division with Twitter post

    1. Daniel Bryan the Carmella who 100% will win it because the interference of James lol and cash in on Lana lol

  1. Lana is good but i think she was better backstage… No offense and not ti be mine

    1. it’s your opinion so don’t worry about offending people or being mean. you do you

    1. She needs to find her character, personality, learn some acting, expression and come up with new moves that aren’t the same she’s been using since she debuted. I hate that smiley face tbh.

    1. +RandomGuy 02 na I’m not a superman punch and a spare he is down or sumo slam he dead or a hard right hand

    2. +Rajay Harris Wyatt is better in the ring at the mic and is character is more interesting

  2. “Bih plz Elsa did it better.” 😫
    “U need a stylist” 😝

    Lml SmackDown is winning y’all.

    1. John BLOODY Cena in her matches on NXT she wears shorts/tops, catsuits, or one piece suits. Either way she won’t be wearing a dress.

    2. Viktor C don’t even remember seeing her in NXT and if she was her going to main roster ahead of Asuka is a crime

    3. It’s a crime Ember Moon isn’t on the main roster. Naomi vs Ember will be a classic.

  3. Lana shouldn’t win it. I don’t think she has enough in-ring experience. Naomi vs. Ms MITB would be more interesting. I mean there isn’t a credible champion on Smackdown right now. Jinder is something different but it isn’t really working.

    1. I been hearing Jinder is going to be keeping it fo awhile and that John Cena will be his next challenger and it will be at SummerSlam,Cena loses the match though.

    2. Lisa Dennis Lana has been training and wrestling wwe and nxt live events for over a year. she has experience

    3. +Alexis Oboeuf I never said she was a good wrestler or she should win (she shouldn’t). But we shouldn’t call her a bad wrestler or inexperienced when we’ve never even seen her wrestle (which she has been doing for some time)

    4. Ryan Collie; It doesn’t matter how good she is. She could be the AJ Styles of women’s wrestling. It’s irrelevant. She’s had less than 30 matches in her career and nearly half of what she has had have been multi-women tag matches at house shows. Her singles matches are at 10-15. Literally the least experienced woman on the roster.

  4. I’ll be damned if Lana wins the Women’s Championship while there MUCH MORE deserving women like Flair, Lynch and Neidhart.

    1. Claire Erin The only one who deserves it out of the three you named is Natalya.

    1. Quentin Mitchell He isn’t because he didn’t do anything to earn it. Shane did the smart choice to not allow that unworthy lazy bear get a shot. It’s been like two months since the superstar shake-up and Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke had done plenty since

    2. Quentin Mitchell Yeah. Plus if a champion loses a title they are guaranteed to a rematch

    1. there is a big pictures of roman reigns in the WWE creative room , the only thing they think about is how to make him look strong . So, no , that’s not the wwe creative behind her , the WWE creative team is even more pathetic

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