home NFL Kurt Warner’s Hall of Fame Profile: The Greatest Undrafted Player of All-Time | NFL Films

Kurt Warner’s Hall of Fame Profile: The Greatest Undrafted Player of All-Time | NFL Films

Watch as Brenda Warner presents her husband and former quarterback Kurt Warner into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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43 thoughts on “Kurt Warner’s Hall of Fame Profile: The Greatest Undrafted Player of All-Time | NFL Films

    1. Odell Beckham Jr. #Odeezy #13Hunnit #BreakinRecords why you dropped all those balls in the wildcard run??? How many superbowls have you been in??

    1. Dat 337 Boot Boy The Cardinals have only gone to the Super Bowl once in 2008 with Warner. And before that, the Chicago Cardinals won the NFL Championship (NOT THE SUPER BOWL) against the Eagles before the AFL/NFL merge. The first Super Bowl was in the mid 60s so no, the Cardz have only gone once.

    2. Who did the Cardinals play in this mysterious Super Bowl that no one seems to know of, the creamsicle Buccaneers? No that didn’t happen 😛

    1. andrew steinert clearly you have never watched a tony romo game if you think that defines his entire career, he has is the top three passer ratings of all time and highest 4th quarter rating EVER! Romo is a HOF

  1. This guy was working with shelves in a supermarket before he went big…that’s really…sad.

    1. i think you mixed up sad with inspiring :), he chased his dream and didn’t give up like most people would have. That’s really cool to think that you should never sleep on the stock boy because he might be an NFL hall of famer some day

    2. Antonio C. This lil kid will be working shelves soon once he is no longer in school then I’m gone laugh and say that’s just sad lol

    3. I would go to Arena League games in Milwaukee when he was playing for the Iowa Barnstormers, and he always had greatness.  The man simply could not miss a single pass.  He took the supermarket job simply to make ends meet for his family.  You have to do things to survive.

  2. His wife is the real MVP for sticking by him all those years. You know damn well she isn’t a gold digger.

  3. One of the greatest stories i have witnessed! Kurt did it for his family and himself #AutomaticGunslinger

    1. +Lord Azarkhan don’t have a wife. Feminism has ruined the women got to hit it and quit it son

  4. Kurt Warner only the second QB to ever lead two different teams to a Superbowl. I wonder who the other QB that accomplished that is??
    #18 #therealgoat

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